Australia's Top Players Come Out Fighting/Shooting At EVO/MLG

For fans of competitive gaming, last weekend was huge, and it continues into Monday with MLG Anaheim and EVO 2011 still in progress. Plenty of Australians were taking part - we had Team Immunity competing in Halo: Reach and a handful of top Australian pros over at EVO. But how did they do?

Team Immunity did an absolutely stellar job - playing through the notoriously difficult open bracket, before getting to play against all the top seeded US Halo teams. We're still checking up on the most up-to-date news, but last we heard Team Immunity were about to compete for 23rd place - which is a stellar achievement considering the level of competition. Congrats guys on an incredible showing.

The MLG finals are still ongoing, and they're about to head into the final match. The Starcraft II finals are also about to start.

As for EVO, our best performer so far seems to be Thomas Body, who is in the last 32 of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament. We're still waiting on confirmation, but it looks like he made it to 25th place. You can check out the final matches below.

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    Don't forget about Aziz in the FIFA world events. That guys is kick arse and an aussie doing proud on the world stage for a number of years now.

    He deserves recognition too.

    Yes Tom did come 25th. Losing to Clockw0rk 2-1 in Winners Finals of Pools (Came down to Dark Pheonix on Dark Pheonix in game 3) and then losing to ChrisG 2-1 in a match he should of Won. Knows better than to dive kick like that.

    haha aussies will never compare to us gamers

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