WCG 2008: Immunity Bootcamp with SK Gaming

WCG 2008: Immunity Bootcamp with SK Gaming

immunity-skoffice-1.jpgI mentioned late yesterday that I’m here in Germany covering the progress of the Australian teams at World Cyber Games 2008. Thought I’d share a quick ‘behind the scenes’ moment of Team Immunity CS 1.6 team training with one of the best teams in the world, SK Gaming. Whatever else happens, the guys have had a great opportunity here to spend a lot of time playing a team most would consider in a different league. This should help the Aussies be a ‘surprise package’ in the tournament, but its also a good start in bridging the divide between the quality of play Australia’s best get to experience. Through their new friends at SK, the team has now met many other top teams in Europe this week. Later today we’ll find out how this experience has prepared them for the main event…

You see the posters on the wall? That’s a bunch of novelty-sized cheques SK has won. The next shot is the other end of the room, along with a crapload of trophies. I even spotted more giant cheques tucked behind furniture! Hit the jump for the trophy shot. sk-trophies.jpg


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