Competition: Saints Row 2 Winners

Saints-Row-Comp-winner.jpgRemember that Saints Row 2 comp we ran a little while back? You know, the one where we asked you to strike your fiercest Kotaku inspired gangsta pose, got a whole heap of awesome entries, then took an age to decide a winner... Well decided we (finally) have. And the winners are...

Ben, whose combo of grills, Mum's clock, plus a crotch grab matched with a bum bag was too much to ignore (see image). And Alex 'A-dogg' who we were actually worried would come around and kick our arses if we didn't let him win! So, congrats. You're Saints 2 pack, complete with game, limited edition singlet and gold bullet USB are on their way.

Of course, the comp was a doozy to judge and props must go out to Tracey L, Both, Scott and Sam. Better luck next time guys...


    Yeeeeaaaaahhh Boiiiiiiiii!

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