Oz Devs Games Of The Year: Pick #2

gta4_logo.jpgOur cunning plan to let developers be the judgers instead of the judged continues, this time thanks to Trent Kusters from Melbourne's Torus Games.

Don't forget, if you're Australian and you work in game development, drop us a line and let us know which game (besides the one you worked on, obviously) tickled you the pinkest.Who Are You? Trent Kusters What's Your Job? Game Designer, Torus Games What Are You Working On? Unannounced title

Trent, what's your pick for Game of the Year?

I hold a peculiar love/hate relationship towards this title, however, nitpicking aside... GTAIV has got to take the top spot.

A feat of current-gen development, Liberty City is one of the most alive, vibrant and fully-realised game environments ever created.

Free Mode over Xbox Live with six of my mates terrorising the diverse populous of Liberty City however we see fit was - and remains - the greatest multiplayer gaming moment of my life.

In other news... Braid restored my faith in Xbox Live Arcade. Little Big Planet and Mirror's Edge were a positive step forward and a breath of fresh air for a couple of stifled genres. I played Far Cry 2 so much I could've earned an honorary African citizenship and I'm still humming 'Way Back Home' by Bob Crosby after a good 100+ hours in the Wastelands of DC.

However, I can revisit Liberty City time and time again where the experience is guaranteed to never be the same, but always equally as enthralling. Rockstar North has provided a platform of pure emergent gameplay that my mates and I will return to for months to come. So Dan, Sam... you guys deserve to be Rockstars.


    Well put Trent, sound like a guy with his head in the right place in the Aussie industry!! I'd like to shake your hand...

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