The Week In Games

The Week In Games


It’s still January, which means it’s still slim pickings when it comes to new releases. So unless you’re a fan of skateboarding or furries, I’d recommend forgoing any purchases this Thursday and instead think of all those games you bought last year that you’ve barely even played. I’m looking at you, Fable 2…

Jan 22

100 Classic Book Collection (DS)
What Is It? Books on your DS. All 100 of ’em.
Should You Care? It’s certainly more convenient than actually carting around all 100 paperbacks.

AC/DC Live Rock Band Song Pack (360, PS2, PS3)
What Is It? A bunch of AC/DC tracks performed live.
Should You Care? Is it just me or are AC/DC songs not the most musically interesting?

My Fitness Coach (Wii)
What Is It? With no balance board support, it’s more of a workout video than a Wii Fit clone.
Should You Care? Check the video below and decide for yourself. Be warned though: your experience may differ from the advertised product.

Skate 2 (360, PS3)
What Is It? The sequel to the game that caused Activision to send Tony Hawk out to pasture.
Should You Care? If you like skateboarding, this is the premier series.

SimAnimals (Wii, DS)
What Is It? Cute overload.
Should You Care? No, but your kid sister will love it.

Trauma Centre: New Blood (Wii)
What Is It? A puzzle/adventure/minigame hybrid disguised as a surgery simulation.
Should You Care? To be honest, we’d forgotten all about this. Since it came out in America over a year ago.


  • My Fitness Coach looks like Buns of Steel, except less hardcore. There are also no scrunchies or leotards. This disappoints me greatly.

  • I managed to play the Demo of Skate 2 last night, I am getting excited about that one. I won’t be getting it straight away as I am still playing a lot of games from Christmas. But it is def on the ‘to get’ list.

  • Actually the ACDC Track Pack has been available in Aus for some time now (on PS3 and 360) because I grabbed my copy in November for $20 after using a gift voucher. It is possible that its just the PS2 version releasing this month (with the Wii version to follow later)

    Also I’d be all over the Skate 2 demo, if it wasn’t 1.7GB!!! I’m on capped net already n these giant demos do NOT help.

  • @ Dark Moogle

    Strange. The PS3 and 360 versions are on EA’s release schedule for this week. Maybe there were import copies around last year?

  • It just hit me — those 100 books on DS this are going to hurt a lot of people’s eyes. Why would you put your eyes through that kind of torture? DO NOT WANT.

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