Where The Hell Is Valkyria Chronicles?

Where The Hell Is Valkyria Chronicles?

Before Xmas, a friend of mine was telling me how he couldn’t find a copy of Valkyria Chronicles anywhere in Sydney. He’d walk into games stores, a crisp $100 note in hand, but no one wanted his money! Since then, and since I picked Sega’s delightful SRPG as my 4th best game of 2008, a whole bunch of you have been telling me the same tale of disappointment. So what’s the story, Sega?


  • Not sure about Sydney but if you’re looking in Melbourne CBD try Dungeon Crawl at 183 Elizabeth Street, they had a stack of copies about a week ago and it was only about $90.

  • For all people begging for copies of this game, last time I was at Knox City Shopping Centre (Vic) last week there were 3 copies at JB Hi-Fi and one copy at EB Games.

    Only places I have seen it. Dont remember seeing any at Eastland JB yesterday.

  • I pre-ordered VC and I can Absolutely vouch for it, its amazing!

    anyway, copies of the game may be sold out, but time machines are certainly not, so you can always just go back in time and pick up a preorder before the games release. lol

    Please! Please by the game if you see it, especially if it appeals to your tastes.

  • I picked up a copy about a month after launch at my local JB Hi-Fi store in Tasmania. I’m pretty sure they only ordered in about three copies of it, but I’m damn glad I’m the owner of one of them. Really need to get stuck into it again.

  • I’m in the western suburbs of Melbourne, and getting a copy was odd. This was pre-christmas, tried 4 EB’s just as happenstance as I was walking by, all had it in their systems, but had none in stock, and the way they made it sound they weren’t going to get more. Decided to try a JB, 4 on the shelf.

  • I saw one (1) copy pre xmas, didnt pick it up there and then and have been kicking myself ever since…
    thanks for the cdwow link Jorna 😉

  • I work for a retailer, we have some stock on order with our supplier (they warehouse SEGA stock) who are currently advising a new shipment arriving on the 19th, don’t know if it will turn up but I certainly hope so.

  • Speaking as someone who suffered through Sega’s terrible mishandling of our country during the Dreamcast era, this really isn’t surprising at all.

    Don’t forget that PS3 is unregioned so if you can’t find a PAL copy locally there’s nothing stopping you grabbing the US release from an import specialist like Play-asia.

  • I went to buy this a couple of weeks after release at our local Game retailer in Albury. Nope, it’s discontinued. Ooookay I thought, even though it hadn’t been out here all that long. I picked it up at EB instead. Game can shove it.

  • @NegativeZero

    It’s not entirely the fault of Sega. They can only sell to retailers however many copies those retailers want to buy. If EB or whoever doesn’t think they’re going to sell any copies of Valkyria Chronicles, then there’s little Sega can do about it. Well, other than doing a better job of convincing those retailers it’s going to sell, that is…

  • Apparently this came out in November but some people I know who work in retail say their stores only recieved 1-2 copies of the game in the first place. Before xmas the only copy I had even seen with my own eyes was in the Melb CBD EB Games, and I frequent MANY game retailers, so the lack of copies was a real letdown.

    For boxing day I checked EBs availability page for the game and somehow the weribee store had 1 new and 1 pre owned copy available, but when I walked in at opening hour neither were on the shelf. Then I asked at the counter while I was buying some other PS3 games and the guy spent 5 mins in the back looking and found a single sealed copy (luckily I avoided paying full rrp thanks to my 15% off webmail voucher)

    But since then, never seen another copy in any store. The only obscure Playstation RPG I had worse trouble finding was Persona 3:FES which to this day seems to have never appeared on a store shelf (had to ask behind the counter for the single copy at another EB)

  • This is timely, because I have been ringing around trying to find a copy. My GF couldnt find one at christmas either. What a shame.

  • I rented it from gameguys when it came out. Still have it. Its awesome. I did find the missions to be a bit repetitive though, but all up a great game.

  • according to gametraders carousel perth apparently there isn’t that many copies of that game when its available… hence the shortage.

  • Just picked up a copy at the newer JB HiFi in Perth City. There was one other copy there, fullish price but – $95.

  • I bought this just after xmas at the advice of a friend, and eventually ended up looking through many shops to find it. I thought because i’m off work until the 22nd of Jan i would have heaps of time to play it, but alas after only 15 mins of enjoying this amazing game my ps3 decided it had had enough and stopped playing any disc i put in it… no more PS3.

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