Valkyria Revolution Is Coming West

Valkyria Revolution Is Coming West

If you’ve been jonesing for a new Valkyria Chronicles game, you’ll be able to get your fix pretty soon: Valkyria Revolution is coming to North America and Europe this spring. It will be on PS4, Xbox One, and — believe it or not — Vita.

Valkyria Revolution, which comes out January in Japan, is more of a spinoff than a true Valkyria Chronicles 4. Sega says they ditched the “Chronicles” part of the name to signal that this game feels a little different than its predecessors: “Valkyria Revolution is also in a sense a revolution from the traditional Valkyria Chronicles universe, as it’s set in an alternate timeline based on the European industrialisation era and eschews the traditional turn-based strategy gameplay for a new hybrid of real-time combat and tactical strategy across battlefields.”

There’s some more info over on the PlayStation Blog. Hopefully we’re all finished with Persona 5 by the time this one comes out.


  • “No one buys the Shining ARPGs in the west any more so let’s make one and stick the Valkyria name on it so that it’ll actually sell when we localize it”

    It doesn’t look terrible so I’ll probably get it in the end but Sega really comes off a bit cynical calling it a Valkyria game when it looks to be a bog-standard fantasy JRPG and doesn’t have anything that made people like the original series it’s stealing the name from. My only hope is that it proves the franchise still has some legs and that Sega continue the real Valkyria line as well (maybe start with a ‘HD Remake’ of Valkyria Chronicles 3 and actually localize it this time?)

  • At least the Vita is getting love. However I cannot make a Vita post without mentioning they must try harder to make P5 run on it.

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