Street Fighter IV Street Date Broken

Street Fighter IV Street Date Broken

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Although not officially due on sale until Thursday, it appears that many retailers around the country have already starting selling Capcom’s eagerly-awaited fighting revival. Reader Dan B. alerted us to a Perth JB Hi-Fi store where his mate picked up a copy yesterday (see pic below). A few calls to various Sydney EB and GAME stores later and I can confirm it’s now on sale pretty much everywhere.

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[Thanks Dan B.]


  • Hey, I just figured I’d have to let you fellow impatient gamers know! Now I just have to wait for Gametraders to get my Hori stick in…

  • I don’t want to ruin my odds of getting a copy but JB HI-FI Brisbane just said they have copies either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

  • A mate of mine saw it on shelves in EB’s in Brisbane city for standard price ($99.99). GAME are pretty mad because they haven’t got their stock in yet to be able to sell it yet.

    Looks like tonight’s the night if you’re in Brisbane and you’re desperate for it.

    Good luck!

  • @RogerTI

    $199.95 was the original RRP but it dropped to $169.95. JB are selling it for $139 though. Price match people!!

  • I’ll pick it up when the Madcatz controllers come out, it’s pointless playing it with the 360 D pad, that thing is just horrid, JB selling the TE stick for $250, hopefully govt money comes in by then!

  • Indeed it is selling and selling fast, I wonder how many copies will be around when the real launch hits.

    i.e. hurry up and get your copy!

  • EB broke the street date for Dawn of War 2 as well… except when you try and install it, after putting the cd key in, Steam shuts itself down. No warning, no message saying you can’t play the game yet… it just shuts down.

    Not happy. Really not happy.

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the early release! I got me one of the last 2 collectors editions at JB-HiFi Macgregor in QLD! $139! Eat shit EB! you will never gets my moneys! EVAR!

  • Yep. Pre-ordered PS3 version from JB Hi-Fi in Blacktown (Sydney) at $200. I got an SMS on Tuesday from JB Hi-Fi saying my pre-order was in and “SEE YOU SOON!”.

    Not only did they break street date, it cost me $60 less. The day was full of win.

    p.s. LOL @ WELBOT! 😀

  • Yes killzone 2 is available. someone broke the street date, not that it matters now everywheres shut lol. Was on sale from around 4.30 for those lucky enough to check

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