What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

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The third episode of the new series of Good Game hits ABC2 at 8:30pm tonight. As well as reviews of some of this week’s releases, the boys are joined by a new team member. Jung tells you more beyond the jump.

Here’s what you can expect in Monday nights’ show:

Halo Wars – Ensemble Studio’s last number, this is a strategy game set in the Halo universe – if that weren’t challenge enough, it’s designed from the ground up to be a 360 exclusive. Will we see a happy end to the Age of Ensemble?

Street Fighter 4 – It’s been in arcades for a little while now, we check out how the console version fares, what’s new, what’s old and whether a controller can do the job.

Fire Emblem DS – A remake of an older version that’ll see lower levelled allies catching up to Marth in the palm of your hand.

Plus our new team member Rei has a look at artists that use gaming as their inspiration, and a history of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

You can download any ep from www.abc.net.au/goodgame – Good Game airs Monday nights at 8:30pm on ABC2, and late Friday nights on ABC1, around midnight.

Enjoy the show!


  • Thanks for these updates David (and Jung). It’s a nice reminder to watch the show each week!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what this new team member Rei is like – I was never a fan of Lux at all, I found her segments quite superficial and the only part of the show I didn’t like.

  • plmko it’s replayed later in the week (sunday???)

    If you’re reading this site you should have a PVR solution anyway!

  • zzztrip got a bit of repressed homosexuality inside do u ?

    Goodgames cool .. well as cool as abc show about games could ever be. The commerical stations have nothing like this.

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