What's On Good Game Tonight?

Whew, well – after all the excitement of E3 – it’s good to get back into our regular routine. We’re back on task with this week’s reviews.

* Mario teams up with Yoshi to conquer the galaxy in our review of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

* Annnnnd we’re charging up our powerplay meters in Split Second Velocity.

Plus – did Halo once obliterate the chance of you venturing outdoors? Cataclysm threatening to lure any of you back to Azeroth? *twitches* I think we’ve all questioned ourselves at one time or another – we (finally) bring you that story on gaming addiction.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

Til next week, Hex


    May I kindly ask why the number of actual games reviewed on this program went from 4-5 down to 2?

    I mean, I think you guys review more games on the spin-off (Spawn Point) than anywhere else.

      It only seems that way because they review less games than they used to.
      And while I have nothing against either Bajo or Hex, they seem to come from the same direction when reviewing games.
      They both agree on the good and bad, they're basically one person reviewing instead of two people with differing opinions.
      I wish I could say they were more in depth, but since the disappearance of A Cartridge Affair, the content has been declining.

        I think it also has to do with the fact that they both have to work on that new show now(mind you in the only episode i watched i didnt see hex but that could have been cause it was based at e3)

    I actually tried to watch Good Game Spawn Point on my PS3's iView app yesterday. All I got was the sound and a black screen. Everything else on iView was working.

      Yeah I got the same thing last night with a few of the programs, Good Game included. Not sure what was going on. Thought it was just my net.

      no it's working...

      good game IS just bluberring noise and random video(that makes me want to throw up BTW)

      which brings me to my point, why do you actually want to watch the noob fest that is spawnpoint?

      I have this same issue when watching some content on my PS3. I couldn't watch last weeks ep of GG.

    Same here, I've been trying to like GG, but it seems to get more and more shallow these days. Not only we're down to 2 reviews, but I don't find them thorough at all. The reviews also always come quite late, there are never good previews well ahead, there's never any sort of exclusive content. Basically, we get to hear and the same stuff we've seen on blogs and gaming websites. In the past the humour tended to make it up, but lately the jokes are very rare and often quite terrible.

    I stopped watching good game because they barely review anything new. They tend to review games that gamers would already know about. For example, Super mario galaxy 2. Most gamers would already know whether they want it or not so the review is kind of irrelevant.
    You know what would be nice? If they reviewed something interesting like Grimgrimoire or other lesser known games that are just awesome. It's sad that these games will continue to be ignored.

      There's little point to reviewing old PS2 games that are niche and just hard to find in general.

      I like your taste though. I've never actually played my copy of Grimgrimoire however.

    Do you really think they would be able to play and review 4-5 games per week? I don't think Good Game has EVER reviewed 4-5 games per episode. It's always been 2-3.

    i would like to see how they go when the games actually start coming out... yes there aren't many mainstream games coming out right now. They should do the indie games currently. I dont mind the Jug going cause now he writes for PCPP

    I had given up on Good Game ages ago, but a friend linked me to their No More Heroes 2 review:

    I gotta say, it's quite unbelievable but it looks like the standard at Good Game has dropped EVEN FURTHER.

    Reviewing a sequel without even playing the original can be excusable, but not when you mistake removing one of the most annoying aspects of the first game (the open world) as a 'flaw'.

    I know games are objective, but this is just bad journalism really :/

    I miss the old days, the jung/bajo thing worked well. I don't see much of GG lately. Even though Hex is rather fine to look at and she certainly has much more credentials than some terrible old gaming shows in the past, I think the swing towards a more general consumer kind of lost me a little. But, thats what the world is like, things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes its for the better of other target groups.

    After the split, words online were vicious. There were some pretty disgusting things over the net, and here on Kotaku. Sure, I get some of you guys are still really cut, but over the last few months posters on here had been more or less over the whole split thing, happily discussing what was on (or wished was on), without the predictable, tiresome, hateful words.

    This weeks post see's a very very sad drop back into hateful words again. The show may no longer be to your cup of tea, but these guys are just trying to earn a living.
    The catering to 'hardcore gamers' is over, its time to move on I think and just enjoy seeing at least something about games on tv. There's not many other options really.

    I dont like how things wen't down at the ABC, but don't you think its time to just move on?

    Sorry for speaking out, but the carry on in here really gave me the shits tonight. :(

      *To clarify.
      "some pretty disgusting things over the net, and here on Kotaku"
      I am referring here to posters on Kotaku articles, NOT Kotaku themselves.

      Just clearing that up :)

        Qumulys, I'm sure there would not have been as much hate had ABC handled it differently (Ajnd the GG Staff had not lied from the start) and given Junglist a proper send off instead of "Oh here's Hex, your new host. See you next week" and leaving the announcement til the end of the show that Junglist was gone (Not to mention the shallow move by ABC to bring a chick onto the show for obvious reasons and to prove my point, not one week goes past without someone posting how they think Hex is hot in the GG articles on Kotaku.)

        And it didn't help matters that from that point on, the show went down hill. I think had the show maintained some quality (For example if you have two reviewers, actually have two different opinions, not same opinion spoken by Bajo then spoken again by female Bajo.....err Hex), then all the Junglist fans MIGHT have been won over eventually but it was a culmination of things that brought the whole 'Ugly Kotaku Posts' thing to a head as well as on the ABC forums.

        Speaking for myself and my better half, we have moved on and stopped watching GG. It was surprisingly easy once we saw how crap the show had gotten. It's really sad to see it go that way but it is what it is I guess.

          Your dead right about the generation of hatred. It was definately a result of how things went down at the ABC. I was super pissed to see Jung go, its why I hardly watch anymore. I mean, its been what? 6 months or more?? Some ppl just hold a grudge far too long. If you don't like, don't watch it! Its simple, but to put Hex and Bajo down is pretty pointless. The entertainment industry is hard enough to get a job in so at least these two are working.

          I just think its time that the ppl who keep knocking the show go and do something about it rather than whinge. Get together, hire some equiptment, put a pilot episode together and make a new HC gamer show. Then hit up all the networks and I hope to see them on the tube soon :)

    I actually thought it was more of a shift from gaming to "Look at Hex's shoes!" or "What clothes is Hex going to where this week! OMG PANTZ PLZ" etcetc. It mightn't be her fault, but just her presence broke the focus on games up.

    the audience was divided, and everybody ended up talking about anything but games.

    This made me a sad puppy.

    Thank god for kotaku.

      that is why she was hired. Jung, as hard as he may try, doesn't have boobs

    I was a huge fan of Jung and Bajo and was a hater for a while, and i did not watch it for the first few months, but when there is nothing else on and i'm trying to put a crying baby back to sleep then i'll watch.

    yeh Good Game is pretty lame. Not meaning to knock a home grown show but I'm a big fan on "X-Play" on Fuel TV. They give pretty good reviews and have a clever sense of humour.

    I agree I looked forward to a cartridge affair and the skits before that that. It was like a show for gamers by gamers with inside gaming jokes and everything. I'll never forget the skit with the Alex/Marion character who saves the princess but she doesn't want to go and the bowser like bad guy is all upset coz Alex killed his kids for no reason. Funniest ever. And I liked the wagglemax spoofs too. They were pretty clever.
    I preferred the show when it had those skits with bajo and Jung and the little touches like the cartoon skits and more reviews.
    Please do more reviews per episode.
    Please form your own individual opinions on each game
    Please make it great again, not just good.
    I used to think it should be called Great Game, now Good Game is a fitting title.

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