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Earlier this week, the ABC announced the latest host for Good Game: Spawn Point: Gemma "Gem" Driscoll, a Newcastle bred-and-born gamer. But so everyone can get to know Gem, who comes into the role following Bajo's departure last year, the show is hosting an AmA through Facebook this afternoon.


Not to be confused with the long-running Australian show, here's the first trailer for Game Grumps' new series Good Game. Which is all about the esports scene surrounding the made-up game Killcore.


In the wake of the ABC's decision to cancel Good Game and all of its associated programming besides Spawn Point, fans have been paying in various ways. And today is one of the sweetest: a video montage of some of the best moments from Good Game Pocket.


Making a television show about video games is hard.

Making a good television show about video games is close to impossible.

I know this because in my 35 years on this planet I’ve only seen one show do a decent job of representing games culture in any meaningful way.

And that show was Good Game.


Good Game recently celebrated its 10th anniversary special, which is super weird to me because it feels like its always existed. It's just this perennial thing that permeates Australian game culture. It's like Neighbours or Home And Away -- difficult to imagine a world in which the show wasn't around.

But here we are -- the show is ten years deep and recently celebrated its birthday with an hour long special. It's pretty cool. You should watch it.


Good Game is one of the biggest names in the Australian gaming scene. It's well respected. Established. The program has history. It has a mainstream audience. And it's also got a sizeable footprint on YouTube. Getting a job with Good Game is like the Holy Grail of the gaming industry. Getting a job as a presenter there? That's a golden career move.

Only recently, Michael "Hingers" Hing, threw that all in. Instead of solidifying himself further as the host of Good Game Pocket, the comedian and triple J host hopped ship to Riot Games to head up the Oceanic Pro League instead. I asked him why he made the transition now, and also what he thought where esports in Australia was headed.


As a result of my stupidly self-indulgent review of Uncharted 4's dramatically improved climbing, Good Game invited me over to talk on their YouTube show Good Game: Pocket.

So if you feel like listening to me talk about all things video game climbing, click to roughly four minutes into this video and set your ears to "Scottish".


Good Game is -- in my opinion -- a consistently great TV show about video games.

But every now and then they push out an absolute corker. The last one I remember was the women in games episode, but this week's show -- which focuses on the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco -- might be one of their best ever.