AU Diary: Let's Put That Wii Storage To Use


Having only just bought my Wii in January this year, I haven't really investigated the console's download services. With Satoru Iwata's announcement during his GDC keynote last week, the Wii now has a proper storage solution for all your WiiWare and Virtual Console titles. I figure now would be a good time to check them out.

So I'm asking you guys what games I should be investigating. I already own a SNES, Mega Drive and N64 along with most of their best games, but I've never had any of the other platforms up on the Virtual Console. What NES or Neo-Geo or Master System games would you recommend?

And which WiiWare titles do you feel are worth the money?


    I'm sure you've already had a go at it as it's a relatively well known first-party title, but Kirby's Adventure for NES is just about the most charming platformer I've played of its day. I played it for the first time ever through Virtual Console as recently as last year and loved it to bits.

    Buy FFCC: My Life as King, also bomberman on WiiWare, as a start

    Always been a big fan of NeoGeo, so many great games and a lot of em very challenging too. I'm not too sure what is on VC out of these but these are among my favorites:

    King of Monsters - multiplayer wrestling w/ monsters
    Art of Fighting - fighting
    Samurai Showdown 4 - fighting
    Shocktroopers 1 or 2 - isometric shooter

    and of course the Metal Slug series is a must if you haven't
    already played 'em.
    Garou Mark of the Wolves - fighting

    I second Bomberman on Wiiware. Also Tetris Party eats up a fair amount of my time - the online modes are great and i also won some points from a tournament they had a few weeks ago.
    I been trying to play through World of Goo too but havent quite got the hang of it yet

    Wish I could do that, but doing so requires a firmware update, which would deliberately break my freeloader and prevent me from enjoying Tales of Symphonia 2 and uncensored No More Heroes.

    Tetris Party is DEFINITELY worth the money, as you break even after your FIRST tournament, which would only take about 15 minutes of your life if you're decent enough at Tetris. After that, a couple more tournaments and you'll never need to redeem wii points again ^^

    Two words Bubble Bobble, I own that and Kirby's Adventure for virtual console and loved playing both of them again.

    I also used to love Elevator Action on the NES.

    Sin & punishment for 64. Why this was never released outside Japan is completely beyond me, it would have been a MUST play title.
    Lost winds on Wiiware is also very charming & original.

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