Aussie Nintendo Store: A Mysterious Q Game

Every Friday we'll be updating you on all the new stuff to hit the Aussie Nintendo Store, whether it's WiiWare, DSiWare or Virtual Console.

Your host, as he will be every Friday, is Vooks:

This week's Nintendo downloads is huge, with four titles on each of the 'Wares and a lone Virtual Console game meaning there is something for everyone.

The biggest title this week is no doubt Mighty Flip Champs! from WayForward, which has finally arrived on our shores after a 6 month delay. But, hey, at least we're getting a WayForward game for once. Next up is Reflect Missile, a new game from Nintendo and Q Games, the latter of which has previously worked on bit Generation game Digidrive, Starfox Command for the DS and most recently the Pixel Junk series of games on the PlayStation Network. Since it was only revealed yesterday, and just released today, no one actually knows what it's about but with Q Games behind the wheel it should be decent.

All the WiiWare titles this week go for the 500 point price point. Rabbids Lab is the only game with any information on it, though. The game is basically the 'dress up your Rabbid inside a Wii Remote' mode from Rabbids Go Home (pictured). The other three games are Copter Crisis, Dragon Master Spell Caster, and Solitaire. Guess what the last one is about?

The lone Virtual Console release is Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye from the Megadrive. It's technically an import, but as you can see, no Hanabi Festival and no inflated price this time around.

WiiWare: -Copter Crisis (500 points, Digital Leisure) -Dragon Master Spell Caster (500 points, Stickmen Studios) -Rabbids Lab (500 points, Ubisoft) -Solitaire (500 points, GameOn)

DSiWare: -Mighty Flip Champs! (800 points, WayForward) -Reflect Missile (500 points, Nintendo/Q-Games)

Virtual Console: -Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (Mega Drive, 800 points, Sega)

The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his unofficial Nintendo site.


    Someone in 2009 actually called a game Dragon Master Spell Caster? I can't decide whether that's awesome or the worst thing ever.


    Tried to download Reflect Missile at work but my DSi is flashing red now and it won't let me download. *sigh*

    Where is excitebike >_<

    cmon nintendo. whats with the lack of virtual console. its been 4 years... lets go with the nintendo titles! Make a deal with rare/microsoft and get Goldeneye, perfect Dark, Banjo games.

    Get dkoney kong 64 out. Get ogre battle 64. Get the turok games. Wheres the WCW/NWC reveneg (or whatever the acroynms are). Where are the GAMES!

    Hey, Vooks. I went to school with that guy.

    Hell yeah Vooks represent

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