Aussie Nintendo Store: Is That Really A Virtual Console Release?

What’s new this week for WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console in Australia? Let’s find out from Vooks.

More fresh meat for the Nintendo stores this week, some quality on each platform including Virtual Console. She's not dead yet.

DSiWare has the biggest additions this week including a brand new RPG from Gameloft. Legends of Exidia has you battling an army of demons called the Morgost and fight of the invasion of them from the fair land of Olinor. The game gives off a retro vibe and for 800 points points to being of decent length. The other DSiWare is two more Electroplankton titles; Luminarrow and Sun-Animalcule. Luminarrow is actually a good one and you'll be able to get something nice sounding out of it but Sun-Animalcule is one of those 'random' ones that's only good for quick blast. Get Luminarrow if you must. Both of them are 200 points.

WiiWare has a new on-rails shooter from Intelligent Systems, the talent behind Fire Emblem and the Paper Mario titles. 530 Eco Shooter might have a terrible name but it has a few different gameplay mechanics to keep it fresh. It's also Zapper compatible. The game's length though is a little short and there is little reason to go back to it unless you're a leaderboard junkie.

And lastly this week there is a Virtual Console game! It's Street Fighter Alpha 2 from the Super Nintendo and like all SNES games it's 800 points.

 530 Eco Shooter (Nintendo) – 1000 Points

 Legends of Exidia (Gameloft) – 800 Points
 Electroplankton: Luminarrow (Nintendo) – 200 Points
 Electroplankton: Sun-Animalcule (Nintendo) – 200 Points

Virtual Console
 Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES, Capcom) – 800 Points

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    Not to be picky, but your picture is of Street Fighter Alpha 1, not 2. The games are fairly different. But more so, SFA1 was never released for a Nintendo console, so it's a big surprise to see the picture on a VC story.

    There's some good pictures of the VC version here:

      I knew someone would pick up on that!

    Awesome stuff, the best SNES Fighting Game in my opinion.

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