Aussie Nintendo Store: Excitebike: World Challenge!

What’s new this week for WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console in Australia? Let’s find out from Vooks.

Great news this week as Excitebike: World Challenge has finally hit the WiiWare store. For 1000 Points you get an updated Excitebike game with all new 2.5D graphics, online play and even a track editor that lets you share tracks online with your friends. There is also motion controls if you're that way inclined. The game was developed by Monster Games, the same guys who gave us ExciteTruck and ExciteBots.

Also hitting WiiWare this week is "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game.

As the colourful name suggests, the game has you looking through a screen of objects to find hidden items as quickly as possible.

There's a four player made with 10 stages and over 277 items to find. The game is going for 500 Points ñ more than suitable for this sort of game.

Whilst our pals in Europe get to enjoy a new DSiWare title this week with Snakenoid, the game is not showing up on our Australian DSi's so it seems only Europe got this one. No DSiWare games this week comes as a huge disappointment as the service has been going pretty solidly with recent releases such as the Elektroplankton game being released over previous weeks.

And finally, a Virtual Console game! Yes, two weeks in a row now we've been blessed with one, and this week it's none other than the SNES version of Final Fight 3. Like most SNES games it can be had for a neat 800 points.

Remember, next week Sonic and Knuckles is out so things are looking up for the Virtual Console!

WiiWare: ExciteBike: World Challenge (1000 Points) Aha! I Found It! Hidden Object Game (500 Points)

Virtual Console: Final Fight 3 (SNES - 800 Points)

DSiWare: Nothing in Australia

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    Is Seamus going to be returning as a regular editor? Or is his stay only fleeting?

      Wildgoose has had to take a quick break, and he's accidentally left the keys in the ignition. So I thought I'd take her out for a quick spin. ;-)


    Must. not. buy. more. games.

    Still only a quarter of the way through my Steam Christmas haul dammit.

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