Did You Win Dead Rising: Chop 'Till You Drop?

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For the second in our I 'Heart' Capcom competition series, we had a copy of Dead Rising: Chop 'Till You Drop for Wii up for grabs. Let's find out who'll soon be driving over zombies with a lawnmower...

And the winner is... Kashkin! There may have been fewer entries to the Dead Rising section of the giveaway, but it didn't stop Kashkin demonstrating an amazing degree of dedication. Here's the entry in full

I heart Capcom.
My buddy insisted that we rent Dead Rising. He'd already finished it, and promised me that it would be fun. "There's no co-op," I protest. He rented it anyway.
Soon we were running down thousands of zombies. He wanted the Megaman Blaster, I wanted the achievement. We listened to music; we named the zombies; we saw how many laps we can do. Of course, we almost died when the van broke down in the middle of a horde, and had to backtrack for wine.
Turns out you have to wait the three in-game days for an ending to unlock the Blaster. We knew not, and quit when the kill-count ticked over. No achievement, no weapon, many hours gone.
Sometime later I bought the game. I played it a bit, and despite myself, I attempted Zombie Genocider again. I did it right, and wait, hands sweaty, on the helipad. Achievement unlocked.
Some time later, maps on the wall, list of health items printed out, navigator at my side, I began Survival mode.
Earlier tonight I finished Resident Evil 5 on Veteran, despite remarking to my friend during a boss-battle, "Why do the developers hate us?" I heart Capcom because they can make games that, at times, are frustratingly difficult, that defy any logical concept of game design, that have god-awful dialogue - and yet, are still crazy fun.

You can find the winner of the Resident Evil 5 comp here and we'll be along with the Street Fighter IV winner very soon.


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