Launch 360 Owners Now Gaming Unprotected

Launch 360 Owners Now Gaming Unprotected

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March 23 marks the third anniversary of the Xbox 360’s Australian launch. And to celebrate, as Jason Hill notes on his Screenplay blog this morning, gamers who bought their console on launch day will now find that extended warranty to cover “red ring of death” hardware failures no longer applies.

At launch, the Xbox 360 came with a 1-year warranty. Then we discovered the “red ring of death”. Microsoft discovered it too and in July 2007 extended the console warranty to three years to protect us against those three red lights.

Now that three years is up, at least for some of us. But every day a few more of us will be gaming unprotected on their Xbox 360s. And if it breaks, we’ll be forking out $150 to get it fixed.

I’ve been fairly fortunate, I guess. I bought my 360 in February 2007; it suffered persistent disc-read errors before red-ringing just over a year later. I was able to get a brand new replacement that’s served me well to this day. It’s less noisy, too.

With the smaller, cooler “Jasper” chips in all recently manufactured consoles, hardware failure ought to become more of a rare occurrence than the all-too-common malaise it has been. So how do you feel about unprotected Xbox gaming? How many times have you sent your console in for repair? Is anyone’s launch console still working?

Bittersweet anniversary [Screenplay]


  • Bought my console at Launch night. Twice I had to send it in for RROD repairs… 1st repair, Microsoft buggered up my DVD drive (tray wouldn’t come out after I press eject)which they fixed on the 2nd occurrence of RROD. The 2nd repair lasted me till recently… when I decided it was time for an upgrade to the Red Jasper Elite! After all the drama’s I grew quite attached to that launch model. Been through a lot with that little bugger! ;p

  • Friday night, booted up RE5 system link. As the game’s intro sprung to life, that same life was sapped from my beloved box for a third time.

    So that’s four times I’ve copped red rings now. Three on this console and one on my first (which was stolen in a burglary).

    Doesn’t bother me though. I call up spend less than three minutes on the phone, ship it off, and it’s back within two weeks. You’ve gotta give it to ’em, all the practice has made Microsoft’s service department damn good at their job.

    Now if only we could apply the same model to the R&D team…

  • @quantocks

    All of the ‘cheap’ electronics makers give you a three year warranty, some up to 5 years. Where Sony and Panasonic give you 12 months on a television, Samsung give you 3 or 5 years depending on Plasma or LCD, Teac, Palsonic give you 5 years. I believe LG give you 5 years.

    In most cases, the manufacturer will stand by their product by giving you a long warranty, some, like Sony and Panasonic, don’t feel the need to sweeten the sale with a long warranty because their product is great.

    Some manufacturers are forced to increase the warranty in response to a class action suit that pretty much rendered the Xbox 360 unfit for sale.

  • My launch console died about a week ago 🙁 It’s already been repaired once.

    No warranty then, but it wasn’t worth arguing about because stuffed if I could find the original receipt! And it was also time for an upgrade.

    So I’ll be buying a new Arcade unit sometime very shortly, because I’ve already bought the 120GB HDD upgrade and the like.

    So I’ll be gaming with another 1 year warranty very soon 🙂

  • My mate has had his since launch. Not one problem! Me on the other hand am on my fifth. I bought mine in 07 i think it was.

    Anyway, my mate doesn’t play it as much as he used to; maybe about 1 or 2 times a fortnight (he’s on WOW now.) But he used to play it quite a bit. And nothing. No red rings. No scratched discs. Just sweet, problem-free gaming.

  • @quantocks: What other console manufacture released a half baked console with failure rates as high as 33%?

    MS should cover the RRoD for life but only for all launch consoles with the old motherboard, My 360 has failed 3 times and i take care of my electronics. So am i to blame for there dogy hardware?

  • I got mine xmas 2006 from Japan, have replaced the X-Clamps, cooked it by turning off the fans, and last month cooked it using a heat gun direct to the motherboard in order to fix various graphics related issues. It has been running caseless for over a year and since its last “operation” couldn’t be doing better =)
    $350AUD made it a worthwhile deal.

  • @quantock

    Nintendo offered lifetime warranties on their consoles until the GameCube. Support for the NES only ended last year. Does that answer your question?

  • well what other electronics are this faulty, badly tested and sold so faulty. Microsoft thats who! i had to send mine back 3 times!

  • My launch day console made until Christmas 2008 before it RRoD’d.

    Got fixed and returned within a week… no idea if it’s a new chipset etc but it certainly doesn’t seem any worse.

    Having upgraded my HDD a year or two ago I’ll just be buying an Arcade if it dies again.

  • @HotDamn

    Yes I can confirm. 150W, 12.1a power brick. Manuf. date:19/01/09. So far so good…. (touch wood)

    So much quieter than my Xenon model!

  • Microsoft can go fuck themselves. I had an xbox 360. got the red ring of death. sent it off to them and they wouldn’t repair it. So I went and bought a PS3, which kicks ass. Microsoft will never get another cent out of me!

  • @K-Man

    ….and what about it being cooler? Is it noticeable?

    I’m considering an upgrade to this Elite (or a PS3!) purely because my 360 runs so damn hot. It drives in nuts, even with a fan on it. My room turns into a bloody sauna.

  • @HotDamn!

    It is cooler… Not super cool but cooler. I’ve got mine standing vertically (and before anyone says anything, yes it’s on a very stable platform. I’m very very cautious about) and in the past with my Xenon, both sides of the console was warm to the touch. But with my new Elite only the motherboard side of the console gets warm… And thats after a few hrs of play.

  • I got my console 3 years ago today from the midnight launch at Hornsby EB Games. Has served me very well! Only got RROD once in August 07. I played it heaps. Now my playtime has dropped off majorly though.. it’s too damn loud and pauses in games all the time. When I can gather $200-$300 together for a new arcade i’ll grab one. Will be good to get another 3 years warranty and HDMI port, cause i just know this one’s gonna die any second.. and its a chore to play it!
    Hopefully sometime late this year i can afford a new one!!

  • About 30min after reading this article and I got the RROD. Returned to it to Game and now I have a jasper arcade model. Miss my chrome DVD drive though.

  • I bought a 360 at launch. since then I’m on my FUCKING FOURTH. the last 3 all failed on warranty, allowing me to effectively reset the warranty every 8 months or so. that’s the only upside.

  • I bought my box on launch day too and suprisingly, it didn’t have any problems until last year. After learning about the extended warranty to cover RRoD, I prayed to god it was the RRoD, but apparently God thought my wallet was getting too fat so he decided to smite my box with the E74 error. I ended up forking out 120 bucks to get the thing repaired.

    Oh how I would loved to have gotten the RRoD =[

  • Two consoles (one very close to launch model if not one of the first) that have been fine 😀 One I temporarily waterlogged myself and the other overheats in my sauna of a room, but apart from that they (and the three others in this house) have all been fine.

    Having said that, I know a lot of people who have had to send at least one console back…

  • My launch 360 RRoD for the 3rd time just over a week ago. Microsoft then told me 3-4 weeks for its return. So I sent it off and hopped to KMart picking up an Arcade n Halo Wars for $270 but then the good n bad, a 5 day turn around my broken 360 turned up better n quieter then ever.

    PS n I heard in will be $199 to fix the RRoD for those out of warranty. That is a joke, esp when the local PC Fair will do it on the day for $60 n a year warranty.

  • Still got another year left on my 360 warranty… its broken down once before with the RRoD (which i bought for $100). If you ask me 3 years isnt enough for a problem like this. It should be AT LEAST a 6 year RRoD warranty – simply because sooooooo many machines are prone to this defect.

    Microsoft really did make a shit console. If it weren’t for its exclusives then it would be an absolute abomination of gaming tech. Games make or break a system and for all the 360’s flaws at least it has some good exclusives; and thats what drives this system on. Every time I turn on my 360 I am relieved to see the colour “green”. How sad is that. Fortunately i dont have to worry about my PS3 or Wii… or any of my previous consoles for that matter.

  • i know i’m a bad person, but this makes me laugh, call me a Ps3 fanboy, but really you’d think 3 years and as some people have posted 4 replacements, this would no longer be an issue, i wish you the best of luck. fanboyism aside, it does suck when a fellow gamer gets screwed over.

  • three consoles here.

    1x Launch box
    1x 2007 20gb pro
    1x Arcade bought last month

    none have red-ringed, none ever will :>

    keep it running cool, don’t use it standing on it’s side and don’t move it while it’s in use and obviously you’ll have trouble free gaming.

  • PotEHtoes, PotAHtoes…

    There’s 2 thoeries about how to position the 360… Some say vertically standing is cooler and allows for better air flow others say the samething for horizontal… I’ve got it vertically ’cause I like how it looks plus it saves space. Bottomline is, just make sure the console (any console for that matter) has PLENTY of breathing room. Try not to confine it in any cabinet. You wouldn’t do that for a PC so why do it for a console? they’re like quasi-computers now anyway.

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