Zombies Search Sydney Streets for Brains

Zombies Search Sydney Streets for Brains

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Sydney’s city workers had a close call with the undead this morning. Dozens of zombies poured into Martin Place during peak hour to mark the launch of Resident Evil 5.

Some observers were heard to note how difficult it was to tell the zombies apart from the regular, bleary-eyed workers on the way to their office jobs. More pics at the link below, after several of our faves.

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Zombies invade Martin Place during morning peak hour [Alive Sydney]


  • Don’t want to sound all high ‘falutin or anything but for a professional promotion they are kinda crappy zombies.

  • “Some observers were heard to note how difficult it was to tell the zombies apart from the regular, bleary-eyed workers on the way to their office jobs”

    I let out a little chuckle. 😛

  • @url404

    Well, from what I can tell, informal invites were sent out to folks In The Industry to come on down to Martin Place and join the PR/marketing team at fuck-knows-when o’clock in the morning to do the zombie shuffle and celebrate RE5 launching. These zombies had real jobs to go to afterwards, and in these crazy socio-economic times a quick change from being a promotional undead to arriving dead on time at the office is essential – no time (or money, I’d say) for Romero’s make-up team to come on down. And plus, dude, have you ever seen a REAL zombie? How do you know what they should look like?

  • Hey! I was one of those bleary-eyed works! haha I actually saw them doing it and was actually a little bewildered about what they were advertising. As someone who reads gaming blogs fanatically you would at least expect me to know they were advertising Resident Evil 5…maybe I’m just an idiot. hah!

  • Wow. Crap zombies to promote a game with no zombies. This is almost as good as the Street Fighter thing they did in China Town. I can’t wait till Bionic Commando launches and they have a teddy bear picnic in Hyde Park.

  • @paulus

    OK OK buddy jeez calm down.I didn’t realise this was all industry types having a go before work (was I supposed to?). I assumed it was some ad agency doing a promo type of thing and therefore had access to more professional makeup resources.

    Have I ever seen a real zombie? Yes. They were hanging out at a party with vampires, werewovles, Harold Holt and blog commenters that don’t take everything personally.

  • @url404

    Hey man, it wasn’t taken personally or meant to sound belligerent; my aim was to give a casual explanation. Of course you weren’t meant to know it was industry folks and associates, and it’s reasonable to assume this would be a big affair – hell, look at what London did to celebrate Res 5 launching. And, in the end, it’s people getting dressed up as zombies and shuffling down the street to tie in with a game going on sale. Hardly a formal or austere event.

    Let me know when the next party’s on. I’ll come as a unicorn.

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