Housekeeping: Site Re-Design Coming Soon

So yeah, you may have noticed some technical issues on the site this afternoon. For that, we apologise! We’re in the process of a rather large overhaul of the site, front and back, to make it easier for us to use and nicer for you too look at. It was meant to happen today, but we encountered a few teething problems and decided to delay it a little longer. Stay tuned!


  • I like what LifeHacker did with their new layout. I don’t know how ‘new’ it is, as I don’t frequent that site as much as I do Kotaku.
    Look forward to seeing the new design :).

  • Please remove the annoying autoreloading, and make the comments user friendly and tabbed like the US comments!

  • For the love of god, do not get the same design as kotaku america. So hard to read, everything is thrown around everywhere, its so messy.

  • I’m seconding Michael’s comment. Reloading is evil, commenting is 1000% easier on the US site and captcha windows are a bloody nightmare.

    We can haz accounts nao?

  • Thirding the no auto-reloading, when at home I always open articles in their own tabs and load the videos for watching later, and having it reload and having to redownload the video again is annoying.

    Also no quicktime videos please, there was one last week I think and it started autoplaying, something that is a big no-no for those of us at work who are browsing at lunchtime.

  • The auto refresh is being attended to. Also, the design will resemble the US site to a certain extent – the layout of the posts will be similar. But we won’t have the clutter created by the top stories and comments on the front page.

    Oh, and plus other stuff coming sooner or later!

  • @David Wildgoose

    Any chance for an option in regards to the layout? I’m a big fan of the current Australian layout (except for the auto refresh thing), and I’ve seen the US layout and I’m just not a fan. Nothing against those who put it together mind you. I just find the tiny thumbnails and text to be a hindrance rather than helpful.

    In fact, I think the new layout was up briefly a day or two ago, and it just wasn’t preferable to me. Besides, I’m an image whore, and it’s actually the big pretty pictures that attract my attention to the articles I’m generally interested in. Just my two cents. ^^

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