Housekeeping: Mind Your Comments, Please

Housekeeping: Mind Your Comments, Please

If you have a moment, I’d like to make a quick note regarding comments.

As you know, we moderate every comment that goes up on the site. Generally we’re pretty relaxed. We read what you say and, as long as you’re not saying something libellous or totally offensive, we click the approve button.

Moving forward though, we’re going to be a little bit tougher. Approvals will still remain at our discretion, case-by-case, but gratuitous obscenities, personal insults, and excessive stupidity will be frowned upon. Talking about pirating games probably isn’t a smart move either.

Most of you probably won’t even notice anything is different, but some of you may notice your comments not appearing. If that’s you in the latter group, just have a think about why your comment didn’t get approved.

We just want to ensure the Kotaku AU community is a friendly place and home to plenty of thoughtful, constructive and – yes – lively debate. At some point in the not-so-distant future I’ll be introducing a weekly prize for the best comment or commenter. But more on that soon.



  • Perhaps it might be useful to have a “Your-post-has-been moderated” email sent back to the poster (assuming they’ve used an actual email address)?

  • Could this include post wi’ poor spellin’, grammar an’ syntax? Ya scurvy dog who ortin’ t’ be keel hauled…..

    • David, I thought you said stupidity would be frowned upon. But you also said insults!? My comment could be classed as an insult… But that could mean NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -ceases to exist-

    • On only on the internet do people think that “freedom of speech” means “the right to call someone a douchebag for disagreeing”. Everyone else acknowledges it as just poor manners.
      It’s also worth noting that in Australia, with have no constitutionally mandated right to free speech in any form.

        • Technically, the law just says the government won’t make a law saying you can’t call someone a douchebag. Websites are still allowed to censor as they see fit.

          I find the only people who hide behind ‘Oh no my free speech!’ are the douchebags who want to be able to be jerks to everyone anyway.

          Off topic: I wish the publish to facebook option defaulted to off, because I can never get it to unclick in firefox for some reason. It keeps me from commenting a lot, as it is really annoying.

          • I’m using Safari on a Mac and I can’t unclick it. I also can’t click the US site version link in the top left hand corner, and never have been able to.

            For months I couldn’t click the comments link on any stories either.

            It doesn’t work in any of the following browsers: Chrome (XP), Safari (Leopard), Firefox (Linux, Windows).

            The brokenness of this site is something that prevents me visiting it more often. But I’m sure Kotaku is aware of it by now.

            Great. Now I HAVE to publish this comment to facebook. *sigh*

      • Actually, the High Court has found and upheld an implied freedom of political communication, so as long as you limit yourself to political insults I think you’re golden. For example “I would rather snog Barnaby Joyce than listen to your stinking two-bit opinion” is all good!

        /whaddaya mean ‘completely wrong’???

    • Forums/message boards/comment sections are not Democracies. If this prevents another repeat of the rubbish and vitriol being spewed forth in the ‘Junglist sacked/meet Hex’ post, then I’m 110% for it.

  • Why not white-list users that have posted over 10 or so comments and never been moderated. It would make your job easier and encourage a more lively debate as comments appear instantly for said users.

    Also, if you want debate, you MUST email me when someone replies to my coments. I refuse to come back and check a post multiple times to see if someone might have replied to me.

    • Oh I’d love the email for comment replies. I have often been rude and not responded to something because I forgot to check it.

      Also whitelists would be great and may help the silence on a topic followed by bursts of activity.

  • I, as many others have already voiced, am happy with this decision.
    The less we hear from delinquents the better.
    Having to hear them mindlessly drone on in public, using the word ‘fuck’ as punctuation drives me insane and i don’t particularly want to see it here.

    After all, gamers as a community are trying to prove that we are a mature and thoughtful part of the community that deserve recognition. The people that make coments like “omg wtfbbq im totally going to haxors them and stab them with my banhammer” are one of the many things holding us back. Not to mention the people who get involved in flame wars with each other..

    Honestly, if we can’t even work as a community why should anyone take us seriously?

  • David, One of the reasons I visit Kotaku AU -although there are many others- is because of the (almost) complete lack of immature gobshites and trolls, which is hard enough to find on the internet in general and much more on a gaming site. Although there are still silly comments being made they’re usually in good taste.
    If more rigorous moderation is what it takes to preserve this, I’m all for it.
    Thank you.

  • “Talking about pirating games probably isn’t a smart move either.”

    why? whether or not a poster has the desire to pirate a game could be completely related to the article and conversation topic. Or are we just trying to avoid having the comments devolve into flamewars between the pirates and the white knights?

    • The latter. Of course it’s fine to discuss the issue of piracy, and we’ll obviously have posts on that very topic.

  • Noooo, but I had so many more pirating based comments to make about MW2. In all seriousness though, a welcome move.

  • I, for one, welcome our new Kotaku overlords…

    Nah, just kidding. I agree with Dr Nic, free speech doesn’t mean you can be a dick and get away with it. Thats what 4chan’s for, isn’t it?

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