Kotaku AU Says: Show Us Your Tips!

bat-signalWe're throwing up the bat signal here at Kotaku as we give a call-out for Kotaku tipsters!

Have you got a hot inside scoop on a new game, product or release date?

Do you know some juicy industry gossip?

Or maybe you just want to share a really cool pic, video, t-shirt, cake or some other piece of gaming culture with your favourite gaming community?

If you answer to any of the above, send it to our tips hotline. We're waiting 24 hours a day.



    do i detect some lazy journalism?

      Not at all. Kotaku thrives thanks to its active and supportive community. That's why so many people read us!

    Here's a tip.

    Tell the .au web designer to pull his finger out and bring bag the u.s comments. The site is like a ghost town with out them, also 95% less entertaining.

    Or better yet stop cok blocking aussie ip's and let us view the u.s site without having to use a proxy!

    Everyone uses fire fox with ad block plus so region specific ads are pointless any way.

    Being an aussie gamer dave you should know how irritating getting the shit end of the stick is, there is no excuse for blocking access to the us kotaku.

      See that link at the top of the site that says "U.S."? It links you to the U.S. site.

        Oh snap!

        Lol, I signed up for the US site just to get the newsletter updates but couldn't work out if you could actually sign up and log into this site...

        Either way, I like the Aussie part of the site, it gives a more personalised experience.

        Good to see Gen Y aren't demanding little shits.

        Nice fail cracker.

      Alternately, you could just type 'us.kotaku.com' and away you go.

    yikes, cracker.. i actively look at the US and AU site - like David said, click on 'US' up the top or bookmark http://us.kotaku.com/index.php
    using a proxy, what a fool.


    cracker = epic fail.

    Its probably against social protocol but here is a video that I made. I promise it's video game related and if you watch to the end I personally guarantee enjoyment.


      ok turns out it was against social protocol...


    Hey guys,

    Can you do like what the US kotaku do by offering us an email subscription whenever there is a big news that is relating to australia?

    ie. Ghostbusters got delayed for non-sony console or yet another game was banned by FUCKIN oflc or somethin...

    Basically a big notice for us gamers specifically in Australia not in US or UK...

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