AU Diary: What's New At Kotaku AU

The games industry might be experiencing tough times right now. But we're not. In fact, we're getting bigger.

Last month you might recall we were hiring for a night editor. Well, guess what? We've hired a night editor. Her name's Elly and she starts this week.

Elly will be responsible for getting much of the US content up on the AU site as soon as possible, especially the hectic overnight posts. She'll also be moderating comments every morning, so be nice to her. And say hi.

This means I'll have more time to post more local content. In fact, you should see the amount of local posts published per day - which have been steadily increasing over the past few weeks anyway - ramp up to around double what they used to be.

You'll also see some new stuff hitting the site shortly, including new regular posts and features. As always though, if you have any ideas and suggestions - or even just want to pass along a tip - let us know.

Oh, and what's with the Far Cry 2 screenshot? I shouldn't have to explain by now.


    Kotaku the only Aussie "branched" site of the major gaming site to actually DO anything. IGN and Gamespot sit on their hands it seems.

    Keep up the good work Dave. Welcome to Elly!

    Awesome stuff guys.
    I have become insanely addicted to this site and i'm pumped it'll only be getting bigger and better.

    Welcome aboard Elly :)

    Awesome to hear, probably the only reliable site to go to for any aussie gaming news.

    And welcome to Elly :D

    Hiya Elly, great to have a new team member at K-HQ, I've felt uneasy with David ever since his revelation of enjoying his games in the nude... Mind you, that thought may not be quite as distressing if you share similar gaming habits (No offence Dave). Anyhoo, welcome, have fun and you've made me quite jealous landing a job there.


    Hi Elly!

    "Oh, and what’s with the Far Cry 2 screenshot? I shouldn’t have to explain by now."

    Please explain.

      He faps to it.

    Hai Elly, welcome, make us gamers proud, keep the entertainment reading coming!

    Hi Elly and welcome aboard!

    Kotaku Aust is one of the few sites i check on a daily basis and is the most reliable sites i go to for gaming news. Keep up the good work guys

    How many "is she hot" comments will Elly be moderating out of this post?

    Hi Elly :D
    You have a nice name. Ugh, that's meant to sound in the least creepiest way you can think of.
    Work hard and make us all proud!


    Hi Elly, welcome!

    Get some well-deserved rest Mr Wildgoose!

    Ever since IGN overhauled their site into a horrid mess a few months back, Kotaku's been my go-to site for daily game news (although, it had been heading that way well beforehand). Welcome, Elly!

    Hi Elly!
    Hope you have fun doing this jazz. :)

    Good to see. The more content the better!

    This site just gets better and better!

    wait......a girl is interested in games?

    no way

    I think the space/time continuum is about to rupture

    Congrats on the job Elly!
    Good luck with it. ;)

    And keep up the local news David. =]

    This is fantastic news. I look forward to pulling up my kotaku au feeds in the mornings and during the dead of nights.

    Frequent visitor,

    Is the design of the main news page going to be updated?

    I know it's only just had a recent overhaul, but it's difficult already to keep up with the news with so much it's disappearing off the first page faster than you can blink - with twice as many news posts it's going to disappear even faster.

    Is there some way to display the site so more news stories appear on the first page?

    Great news! Certainly happy to have more local content in the Kotaku style.

    Welcome Elly and enjoy!

    Also, yes Far Cry 2. I do not need to ask.

    forums? double the posts eh almost enough to break away from kotaku US a bit more maybe add a dedicated AU tab or something

    Keep up the good work Dave! Will be good to see AU specific features also.

    Welcome to the team Elly and hope you enjoy your stay!

    I didnt like farcry 2, the game world was too big and to get across it to do a get to a contact and do a mission meant 40 mins driving/walking and getting stopped by bandit car things.


      Annonie, I felt the same way but I found taking the bus was a great way to move around. You get it to as close as possible and use the car at each bus stop to get around. Saves time and frustration.

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