Pokemon Platinum Dated For Australia

Pokemon Platinum Dated For Australia
nds_pokemon_platinum_pkg3dThere’s a “new” Pokémon game coming to DS. It’ll be here May 14.

Pokémon Platinum is, of course, already out in Japan and North America, where it’s done quite well. It’s not exactly new though, being little more than a rejigged/rehashed version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Still, when you gotta catch ’em all, how can you say no to another Pokémon game?

The full Nintendo PR says:

Pokémon Platinum Version Comes To Nintendo DS

Pokémon™ Platinum Version comes to Nintendo DS®, 14 May. This new game in the storied franchise brings a host of new features, including the mysterious new Distortion World, never-seen-before forms of powerful Pokémon, and exciting online games in the new Wi-Fi Plaza.

Those that are familiar with the Pokémon franchise will enjoy the strategic battles that are the hallmark of the main Pokémon game series, and whether you have played Pokémon countless times before, or are new to the franchise, there is something for everyone.

Never before have Pokémon players witnessed the unusual Distortion World! This mysterious realm is home to the Legendary Giratina and is central to the new storyline in the game. The Distortion World is a strange place where the normal rules of time and space no longer apply. With new discoveries and new challenges in Pokémon Platinum Version, the options for online play have also been expanded.

The new Wi-Fi Plaza allows up to 20 players, with wireless broadband access, from anywhere in the world to connect and play mini-games, take part in parades and even see a fireworks show! Players who visit the Global Terminal can post their Pokémon and trade them with players from around the world like in Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version. This allows players to find more Pokémon, and also allows players to get Pokémon from other countries, which are often sought-after by many fans. The new Global Terminal also allows players to use a new item, the Vs. Recorder, to save and post “videos” of their best battles online for Pokémon fans to see.

For more information on Pokémon Platinum Version, visit: www.nintendo.com.au and www.pokemonplatinum.com


  • I wish they’d just bring back Pokemon Red and Blue for DS and leave the franchise alone. Did anyone play any of those Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games? Christ, they were so bad!

  • ShinTokyo in Adelaide is already selling imported copies, got mine ages ago.

    Non-region locked consoles have to be the greatest thing ever.

  • There has been more than 10 Pokemon games come out. There has been more than 5 Pokemon films made. There has been millions of Pokemon comics printed.

    Why do we need another game? Have we “gotta catch ’em all” again?

  • I’d prefer a gold/silver/crystal remake over another red/blue/yellow (firered/leafgreen) remake

  • I don’t see why people would take this, when importing is so easy. All you need is a visa card and an eBay account. I don’t stand for ridiculous waits anymore.

  • Well they might make a G/S remake. I think the Distortion World is alright though. darn nintendo. yes they make us wait too long

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