Retailers Still Like Idea Of Left 4 Dead On PS3

Retailers Still Like Idea Of Left 4 Dead On PS3

Left 4 Dead came out last year on PC and Xbox 360. But not on PS3. Now, retailer GAME’s Australian website reckons it’s finally coming to Sony’s system.

Before the game launched, Valve’s Chet Faliszek said there’d be no PS3 version because, while porting from PC to Xbox 360 was a piece of cake, making a PS3 version would require starting from scratch.

Then a few weeks later, GAME’s UK website advertised a PS3 version. Back then, Valve once again denied its existence.

But the following day, Valve did admit publisher EA were interested in a PS3 version.

Between now and then, Left 4 Dead actually got released – only on PC and 360 – and all that chatter of a PS3 version seems to have died down. Except GAME still reckons it’s coming, as a new listing on the retailer’s Australian website indicates.

Typically we’d suggest you take such retailer misinformation with a grain of salt. However, the solitary user “review” that accompanies the listing gives us pause for thought:

Dude this game is awesome! I just got the PS3 version and I must say it is sooooooooooooooo much better than the Xbox 360 one. Included are the DLC that are not even available on the other versions yet plus there are extra zombies and campaigns. An extra exclusive zombie is the KRATOS zombie based on the hit game series “God of War”. He only appears sometimes and its random when a player is allocated to him 😀 Multiplayer has been expanded to 32 players per game! And all this and more are exclusive to the PS3 version and you would be nuts not to get this one! Go now! Order it now or you will regret it!

Pause for thought… and then uproarious laughter.

Left 4 Dead (PS3) [GAME, thanks Nicholas!]


  • I don’t really see it happening. Even if it does happen it probably will have all the same problems that all the other game EA ported for Valve.

  • “An extra exclusive zombie is the KRATOS zombie based on the hit game series “God of War”.”
    seems a little far fetched to me…

  • LOL it was 1% believable until he said there’s a Kratos zombie, what a joke, LMAO. I would buy it on PS3 but I know it aint happening, so oh well.

  • I like how these commenters seem to think that the guy was serious, rather than hilarious.

    Seems a bit far-fetched have a kratos zombie? Really?

    I lol’d.

  • Anybody else wonder why Valve won’t just bite the bullet and redesign their engine(s) for the PS3? After all, if EA can do it…

    • What’s stopping Valve is that Gabe Newell just plain doesn’t like the PS3, and has no interest in developing for it.

      The only reason the PS3 got The Orange Box was because EA was willing to handle development of the PS3 version.

      So I guess the real question is what’s stopping EA? Presumably Valve wouldn’t object to EA doing a PS3 version of L4D – it’d earn them money, and they like money. I’m not sure what sales of the PS3 version of The Orange Box were like. I guess if EA wasn’t happy with the return they got from it then they might figure their development resources are better spent on their own properties.

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