Who Wants To Ride With Tera Patrick?

Who Wants To Ride With Tera Patrick?
saints-row-2-dlc-20090424-1 We’ve got four pairs of download codes to give away for the Xbox 360 version of the new Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed DLC. Wanna win?

What is Ultor Exposed? Well, besides featuring some fantastic lip warmers, it’s got three new co-op missions featuring Tera Patrick, new vehicles, customisation options and multiplayer maps. It hits Xbox Live today for 800 Microsoft Points.

But if you’re not keen on paying for it yourself, why not try winning a pair of download codes. Why a pair? Because it’s all about the co-op, so there’s one code for yourself and one for a friend.

All you need to do is describe a new Saints Row 2 activity. You know the existing Saints activities, such as Fuzz, which parodies reality TV shows like Cops by tasking you with filming all sorts of violent escapades around town. We want you to come up with something that would be more suitable for young Ms Patrick. Something that would best utilise her talents. Leave your entry in the comments and the wittiest four we receive over the weekend will win the codes.

Remember, we said wittiest.


  • Furlock Homes – You solve a series of whodunnits by driving Tera around town where she has sex with various people to find out clues on what is going down.

  • Where in the world is Carmen Saints Row – You must prevent the world famous thief Carmen Saintsroe from robbing your store fronts and apartments.

    I had another idea about combining Septic Avenger and Escort, but that was a bit creepier, although it did more directly involve Tera Patrick.

  • Wide Receiver – Tera fires used…undergarments…from one of those things they use to fire t-shirts into the crowd at baseball games. You have to run around and catch them before other crazed Tera fans do.

  • A secret section in the game actually named:
    Who wants to ride Tera Patrick.

    Well… I guess that wasn;t witty at all lol

  • Frang-it! : When chillin’ at your crib, read Tera’s mood and guess which flavoured franga she’d prefer you to use. Bonus points if you guess whether or not she wants ribbed and the addition of KY.

  • Tera-Flying:

    You (dressed in a Penis Suit) are on an ATV on the top of a giant ramp.
    You have to drive down the ramp as fast as you can and at the end of the ramp it curves up and has a small fence on the end so that you crash the ATV and go flying off the ATV. Now using the games Ragdoll-Physics Engine you control your character in the air left and right and make him/her crash into a giant billboard of Tera Patrick in a bikini or lingerie etc. Points are awarder for landing on billboard more for landing for different parts of her body. Extra bonus points for landing in her *open* mouth and a special in you land in her bonus ‘hole’ in which the billboard explodes in flames and Tera Patrick lets off a satisfying moan.

  • Tera-Forming: Tera is in a bit of trouble and the only way for her to get out of it is to sleep with the people who are after her. It is your job to eliminate the people who are after her before they sleep with her.

    Gameplay: you must drive Tera to certain location to meet with the people and then get to a location that you can see into the window. useing a sniper rifle Tera game you, you must take out the person who is in there with her. if you fail to eliminate the targets, Tera gets raped.

    Probly not that witty, but it’s all i could think of… GOOD LUCK ALL!!! =]

  • Pervert Patrol… jack a minibus, get Tera to hop in the back and shake her cans out the window as passers-by. As each poor sod comes inside thinking he’s found the new bang-bus, *blam*

    respect is earned based on how many perverts you blast before the cops get wind of you.

  • or, for a less violent version, you could drop the pervs off at the local police station for cash, but at detriment to your respect.

  • Tear A Patrick – after you find out that ‘Patrick’ is going to rat you out to the feds you and Tera go around town and tear them all a new one.

  • Diva:
    Tera whinges like a pregnant woman about this and that you have to drive around the city fetching things she “needs”.

    Think Potato Gems at 3am game time.

  • breast interests
    you use tera’s two biggest achievements to distract people who are driving into hitting you thus gaining insurance.
    because people are interested in her breasts,
    and getting money for you is in your best interest
    yeah you get the pun

  • Tera-byte

    You and Tera must hunt down porn piracy groups in selected suburbs around Stillwater and ‘burn’ them down.

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