Rent Designer Bag, Get DSi Swag

Rent Designer Bag, Get DSi Swag

love-me-leave-me-dsiFile this under WTF.

In the clearest indication yet of their new-found target market, Nintendo Australia has teamed up with luxury accessories rental biz Love Me & Leave Me. Until September 30, anyone renting a designer bag through the service will receive a Nintendo DSi as well.

“Savvy fashionistas” may even choose to buy the “hottest tech-cessory”, which comes with a copy of Brain Training.

Announcement of new games “The Legend of Prada” and “Super Armani Bros” coming to the Chanel Channel can’t be too far off.


  • How to get started
    * Become a LM&LM member. Once you have registered, start borrowing from our extensive range of designer items.
    * Borrow an item for 1 month and you will automatically receive 1 Nintendo DSi and 1 game, free of charge.
    * Upon conclusion of the monthly rental term, simply return the Nintendo DSi and game along with your borrowed designer item.
    * You must return the Nintendo DSi and game in the same condition they were in when you received them.

    What a scam.

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