Rent Designer Bag, Get DSi Swag

love-me-leave-me-dsiFile this under WTF.

In the clearest indication yet of their new-found target market, Nintendo Australia has teamed up with luxury accessories rental biz Love Me & Leave Me. Until September 30, anyone renting a designer bag through the service will receive a Nintendo DSi as well.

"Savvy fashionistas" may even choose to buy the "hottest tech-cessory", which comes with a copy of Brain Training.

Announcement of new games "The Legend of Prada" and "Super Armani Bros" coming to the Chanel Channel can't be too far off.


    Rental handbags? DSi? uh what?

    I really feel sorry for any core gamer that still suffers from a nintendo addiction.

    Finally, now both my crossdressing and gaming needs can be satisfied together!

    How to get started
    * Become a LM&LM member. Once you have registered, start borrowing from our extensive range of designer items.
    * Borrow an item for 1 month and you will automatically receive 1 Nintendo DSi and 1 game, free of charge.
    * Upon conclusion of the monthly rental term, simply return the Nintendo DSi and game along with your borrowed designer item.
    * You must return the Nintendo DSi and game in the same condition they were in when you received them.

    What a scam.

    Well at $200/week for the bag rental it would be cheaper to just buy the DSi.

    Good thing it has a matte finish or that DSi would be impossible to keep in the same condintion.

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