Sunday Supplement: “Videogames are wish fulfillment power fantasies”

Sunday Supplement: “Videogames are wish fulfillment power fantasies”

Today’s round-up of the best games writing takes in three very famous game designers, one bonkers beat ’em up and a critically marginalised genre.

Gamasutra: Peter Molyneux: The Essence of Interaction
Great interview that reveals much about how the mind of one of the industry’s most famous designers works.

Designer Notes: Game Developer Column 5: Sid’s Rules
Maxis designer Soren Johnson discusses the five rules he’s learned from working with another of our industry’s most famous designers, Sid Meier.

NowGamer: The Making of OutRun
Our third famous designer, Yu Suzuki recounts to Retro Gamer magazine how he created a video game icon.

OffWorld: One More Go: God Hand, or why hardcore games ring my bell
Margaret Robertson celebrates the sheer lunacy of Capcom’s cult classic brawler.

The Brainy Gamer: The sports game ghetto
Michael Abbott questions why game critics don’t feel sports games are worthy of closer examination.


  • I think the level of examination of the sport genre on a year by year basis is directly proportional to the quality of that year’s Pro Evolution iteration. The UK press, in particular, were more than willing to dedicate long articles to the magic of Pro Evo at it’s best, back when it wasn’t cowering in Fifa’s shadow.

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