Who Wants A Guitar Hero: Metallica T-Shirt?

Well, I've got one here if you'd like.

This afternoon, Activision kindly sent me a review copy of the next Guitar Hero game. Inside the package was a t-shirt. It's black, of course, and simply has the words "Guitar Hero" and "Metallica" emblazoned across the front. Oh, and with apologies to all the large and small people out there, it's size M.

I figure I'll never wear it, so why not give it away to someone who truly wants it. And that could be you, as long as you leave a comment below telling me why you want it. I'll pick one that I like and send you the shirt. Just make sure you leave your comment by midnight tonight.


    My sister is a giant bogan and loves Guitar Hero, so I'm sure she will love it. But that isn't really a reason why I should have it.... :)

    I would like it because I am a size M, and am a big fan of guitar hero! However due to my Wii not working properly, I haven't been able to truly appreciate my copy of Guitar Hero World Tour. So my skills have over time depleted and so I am in need of another way to show my plastic guitar pride!

    I would Jump In The Fire in order to win a Metallica shirt, and if anyone says otherwise I say what a Load of sh..... I will Kill 'Em All. I want that shirt and Nothing Else Matters. Sad, But True.

    I could do with a new rag to wax my car with :P

    I want it because I'm an actual Metallica fan - not some faux-metal fanboy who only got into music because of videogames. I have also completely avoided mentioning any song names in this comment, which might not be a positive characteristic I guess, but at least it means I'm not a complete douchebag.

    Man I've been waiting for Guitar Hero Metallica since I heard of its conception... and I'd even wear it to work ;)
    Works the only place I get to play Guitar Hero which is rad because I work in a game store ^_^

    I want it, because I'm not presently wearing a shirt, and nobody wants to see that.

    I just want it, ok? I don't need to explain myself. Just give it to me.
    I'm not going to ask twice.

    I loves me some Guitar Hero, and I loves me some Metallica. I actually already have GH: Metallica but I'll be buying it again for the exclusive face plate on the guitar. I had a rought decision to make: which preorder bonus should I go for? I already have a second pedal so it was up to the shirt from JB Hi-Fi or the drum sticks from GAME. It was a tough decision, but I got the sticks, however my decision will be perfected if I were to get the shirt as well.

    I'd like it just because it's cool. I'm not a massive Metallica fan, I'm not a massive Guitar Hero fan, but I am a fan of both to a certain degree.

    I want this shirt because I want a seat on the peak-hour trains.

    Hear me out. The Guitar Hero part of the shirt will scare off the luddites, the Metallica will scare off the Austereo sheep and everyone else who asks me about Metallica or Guitar Hero will be alienated by my complete lack of knowledge of the former and my pathetically encyclopedic knowledge of the latter.

    And with a healthy hate-induced radius of empty space around me, I will finally be able to sit down on the peak hour trains.

    I want it because there's no way in hell a promo copy of ANYTHING would ever arrive in my mailbox, so by that token you should feel a little bit sorry for me and at least give me a small taste of what it feels like to be living the high life.

    Because it will be my first metallica t shirt, and i will like to wear it to my first metallica concert thats coming in october 17..soo please i am 18 yr .old male 145 pounds.6' tall i like small shirts: ;)
    and this one will go perfect on me...consider rock on \m/

    Because I have "Swine Flu" and might only have minutes left to live. This could be my equivalent of a trip to Disney Land (TM) courtesy of the Make-A-Wish foundation. I might not even make it till midnight... Is that the sound of Angels singing? *cough*

    I don't really want it at all. I don't even think it would fit. But maybe you should give it to me anyway?

    I love Rhythm games and music in general. If you send the T shirt this way I will stand out loud and proud and show my beliefs to everyone!

    The shirt will become my prized possession surpassing my Ukulele's, Keyboard (musical), Organs (pun intended) and of course my Guitar!

    You will create a legend as the shirt boosts my confidence and self esteem so much that I will learn to iron! And this shirt will be my first shirt that I have ironed my self. Providing me with general life skills, I will learn to cook, clean and the terror of them all; Organize...

    I will then show all gamers the epic skills of life and as we toughen up our weaknesses we will rise above the community and surpass the rest of the human race with our skills of hardcore gaming and immense cleaning!

    We will then start to play real sports! Yes comrades this sounds like something that none of us would never normally do but we will invent a new ultimate sport called "Full Contact Netball!". Yes that's right comrades combining several aspects including:

    -Death Metal

    It is the future comrades and none of you can Denney it! So send me the shirt and know that you were the one that started the legend, The revolution, The future.

    The power is in your hand.

    I want the shirt so that if I run into any other commenters on the street, I get envious stares.

    I am in dire need of something I can wear to my trial.

    I want to wear it while i sleep to protect me from the Sandman

    I would like it because when people see it, they will know that I'm totally a badass Hero de la Guitarr, who, on command, can bust out Paint It Black on expert using the same finger to strum and play the notes. Plus, if you send it to me, I even send a photo (totally not shooped) of me doing just that!

    Andrew out!

    [Speech 43%] To encourage me to help curb my addiction to certain other games.

    Because I would look kick arse in it.

    I want it so that when I'm playing acoustically on the train I won't have to explain to people what I'm doing, I can just point at my chest and go back to practicing the One solo.

    I would like the t-shirt because I am a HUGE fan of both Metallca and the Guitar Hero series, and what better way to express that fan-dom with a shirt that conveniently has the two written across it.

    Even though this comment isn't as witty or original as the comments before me, I would like to think that my sheer love for both is enough to win me the shirt. Yes cheesy I know, but what can I say; I'm obsessed.

    I want this partly because I hope that through some type of demonic osmosis, I absorb Hetfield's vocal skill so I sound a little better when belting out songs (or at least so growling like him doesn't hurt so much), but also so that it can justify growing a beard just like James.

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