WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

prototype-pic-1Day three of our Prototype giveaway starts now.

We’ve giving away ten copies of Prototype this week. We asked you to describe in 25 words or less the shape you would shift into to become the ultimate weapon, just like Alex Mercer can do in the game.

Two winners have already been picked. And another two will be announced in the following paragraphs.

Tuesday’s PS3 Winner
Micca Delaney – “I would become a faulty fluorescent overhead light in order to annoy the enemy with my constant flickering and barely audible yet irritating humming sound.”

Tuesday’s Xbox 360 Winner
Antwandemarco – “I would transform into David Koch on the morning show and give the bad guys really bad financial advice to deal with the GFC, ruining there stock portfolio!”

We’re giving away another two copies of Prototype today – one on 360, one on PS3 – so to be in the running you’ll need to add your entry to the comments below. Please include your console preference and valid email address. (Facebook login users: please include your email address in your comment.)

Oh, and a few tips: answers referring to me, butterflies, Chuck Norris or anyone saying “Chk Chk Boom!” are guaranteed not to win.

Hit the original post for the full details and terms & conditions.


  • I would transform into David Wildgoose, gaining the power to bring people back to Kotaku every day to try to win a copy of Prototype, sabotaging their lives irreparably.

    (360 Please)

  • I would shape-shift into something that is neither a person, creature or living thing that has no properties as a weapon. Then submit a post containing over 25 words. As this seems to be the only way of winning this competition.

    Console Preference: PS3

    • Hey… what the poop? >_>

      So according to the terms and condition, it has to be a living creature/person/animal and the entry has to be under 25 words… and the winners are all… hey >:(

      So are there technically no rules and these are more rough guidelines?

  • 360

    Become Steve Jobs, give my enemies free ipods and sneak up on them after they become deaf from listening to their ipods too loud overtime

  • I would transform in the Windows Vista operating system and implant myself in my enemies computers. Then they would all die from my terrible software capabilities and slowness.

    Xbox 360 Please!!

  • I would change into Kotaku reader ‘grabda’ then immobilize everyone with my clever remarks and cutting wit. Once immobilized, I would unleash my special smug attack so that everyone is crushed under the weight of my all powerful whining.


    • I would change into Kotaku reader ‘Mitch’ then immobilize everyone with my clever observations and cutting commentary. Once immobilized, I would unleash my special piggy-back attack so that everyone is crushed under the weight of the comment I am piggy-backing off of.

  • I would shape-shift into Hideo Kojima and leave a clock counting down outside the enemies base to distract them while I sneak into their base.

  • i would shape shift into one of the soldiers contact lenses so i could see every thing he does the ultimate disguise to infiltrate their base

  • A lump of black coal, which, when burnt as a fuel source would reveal its true disguise, a cunning wordplay of a black hole, mwhahahhah!

  • I would transform into a banana peel and wait silently near a road so my enemies slip into oncoming traffic.


  • An enormous spanner. I would destroy all machines making soft toilet paper, leaving only ones that make the rough stuff.

    Nobody likes scratchy toilet paper.


  • I will transform into the ‘ultimate game developer/publisher’ and delay the world’s most anticipated game everytime it’s close to its release date.

    PS3/360 (no preference)

  • I would shape shift into Uwe Boll and direct a decent movie for a change, distracting the bad guys from plundering and taking over the city.

    On PS3 please

  • I’d turn into Superman, there’s no kryptonite in Prototype right? He’s unstoppable when there’s none of that stuff around.


  • I would morph into the Hypnotoad. No one would be able to resist my hypnotic gaze. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

    PS3 please 🙂

  • Christian Bale. Because I would yell extremely loudly at anyone who opposed me and then we would be finished professionally.


  • I would become the hypnotoad. Because no matter what my enemy would do they could never resi-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD

    xbox please 🙂

  • I would transform into google. That way I would control internet information and could make anyone believe anything I wanted. ANYTHING!

    -PS3/x360(have both)

  • I would shape shift into an enemy uniform. Once they put me on I can eviscerate them by driving blades into their body.

    Console: PS3

  • I would become a Woody Allen movie so people would want to kill themselves instead of watching me.


  • I’d transform into something so horrifying that no human would be left standing with their bowels unmoved. Sonic the Werehog… that guy was seriously lame.

  • I would shape-shift myself Bobby Kotick (CEO OF Activision) and pull Prototype from production so no one get a free copy of Prototype from Kotaku… GET PWN NOOBS.

    XBOX 360

  • I’d turn into God himself. Not loving God, but mean, spiteful God… the guy who sent all those plagues to teach the Egyptians who’s boss.

  • I would morph into Evil Scissors, the pair your mother always eluded to every time she caught you cutting up things and scalded you with the line “Not with the Good Scissors!”

    PS3 please

  • I would shape shift into solid snake just looking like him in his latex suit with his junk bolging out for every one to see would scare off any soldier.

  • I’d turn into one of those unaffiliated ATMs that automatically charge you cash to use them, regardless of which bank you use. That’d teach them!


  • Kaboobie from Shazzan, no reason other than it would be awesome to be a flying camel, with a genie boss

    Xbox 360 please, please.

  • i would transform into somebody at 3d Realms who would be able to finish Duke Forever and that would destroy the world with its awesomeness

    preference: PS3

  • i would turn into the old family lawn mower with a ripcord and frustrate all my users to an early grave.


    • rephrase

      i would turn into the old family lawnmower with a ripcord that wont ever start sending my users to an early grave


  • i would turn into batman, im having trouble at the moment with it so if i could morph it would make it so much better

  • I’d turn into a Sydney rail train, they have to power to suck all life out of hundreds of people at a time.


  • I’d shape-shift into a head louse. An unstoppable epidemic, I’d have 20-to-40 hench-lice on my first host by ~12 am. By the end of the week, we’ve successfully infiltrated all available hosts at the shady-military HQ.

    ~100 lice on every host; over-looking every single decision they makes… I’d have all the information I’d need for anything… ever. All this before you even realise I’m there!


  • Union boss – demand that all work cease and desist until better working conditions are met, thus rendering the minions useless and the base defenseless.


  • I would turn into a ridiculously tasty plate of curry, filled with laxatives and jalapeno peppers. “You have died of dysentery” – The Oregon Trail

    Xbox please!

  • I would mutate into FoxDie, kill everyone close to me, have them inexplicably return so I can kill them all over again.


    Hideo really love exposition…

  • I’ll turn into Uwe Boll then use my ultimate super power.. I would start pitching to you the idea of a God forbid, the Prototype movie..

  • I would transfer into the box art for “Imagine Babyz” and drive everyone away from my presence


  • I would run at the enemy jumping towards them and shapeshift into a spear midair causing me to fly at the enemy and impale them.


  • I’d transform into Piglet from Winnie the Pooh and sneeze on Mercer. Shapeshift out of swine flu, you slippery bastard.

    Cheers and thanks,
    Nich Richardson


  • I would transform into Worms’ Concrete Donkey and batter my opponents into a pink squishy puddle and crush their land into the sea.

  • I would transform into an annoying colleague forcing the enemy to quit by constantly inquiring about the weekend, asking for coffee, and making inappropriate jokes.

    Console: PS3

  • I would morph into an Omega 3 tablet then just after being swallowed, morph into a car and drive off, causing my enemy to explode from within.

    Xbox 360

  • Transform into a TV, which plays a highlight real of Dakota Fanning from War of the Worlds screaming, over and over and over again.
    they couldn’t change channel
    they couldn’t change the volume..

    (Xbox 360)

  • Someone wielding a 1998 Thinkpad laptop with a dodgyspacebarthat hardly w orks. IwishI waskidding.


  • I would transform into Shaun Micallef’s hammer of smarminess and crush the spirits of all the living with my disarming humour. (360)

  • I would turn into a large supreme pizza for their leader. He couldn’t resist; I’d get eaten, then change back and explode them! (PS3 plz)

  • I would transform myself into a TV that constantly needs to be hit on the side just to get it to work perfectly… but doesn’t!

    God, if you hear me, Xbox 360 please!

  • I’d turn into a jet, so i could bomb the russians, fly into the sun and die (like a boss)
    PS3 plx. Think i already submitted, but couldn’t find it.

  • I would shift into LeBron James and dominate with my unstoppable strength and last second 3 pointers. Go Cavs.


  • I would shape shift into David Attenborough, his soothing narrative voice could tame the most savage of beasts.

    PS3 please, cheers.

  • I’d shape-shift into a an omnipotent bipedal creature with the rule-checking capabilities of David Wildgoose; the cute, unsuspecting aesthetics of a butterfly; velociraptor and chainsaw versions of Chuck Norris’ hands; an aerodynamic shark fin so I can fly; an inbuilt jetpack for no reason; and a “Chk Chk Boom!” ultra combo finish. With all these powers combined I will be a weapon of mediocrity, not destructive enough to kill you, but annoying enough to put suicidal thoughts in your head.

    80 words 🙂

  • I would become the dirty stink water from the bottom of your rubbish bag. I would be untouchable (who’d want to?) and deadly to all.

    Pref: PS3

  • A hurricane. Subtle and stealthy is done to death, so why not take out the enemy HQ in spectacular fashion for a change?


  • I’d morph into the last donut in the box – after the fighting, the last remaining enemy would eat me and BAM, poison. Sweet, sugary doom.

    PS3 please.

  • I would transform into a refined version of the Swine Flu, nothing could stop me!


  • I would become William Shatner, performing spoken word covers of popular songs, utterly destroying the minds of everybody around.



  • I would transform into a pig… You telling me people won’t run for their lives when I sneeze?

    xbox 360.

  • I would transform into a cute and cuddly kitten. People would be too distracted by my cuteness that they won’t realise I’m stealing their wallet.

    Either console please.

  • Murray Cook; The Red Wiggle. With legions of soccer mums at my disposal I could crush my enemies and see them driven before me.

    PS3 Please!

  • A Pikachu, because if you don’t dismiss me as a stuff toy you’d simply be perplexed as to why its there in the first place and by that time I’ve already surged ridiculous amounts of electricity through your body and killed you.


  • I would transform into a seemingly infallible enemy plan for world domination with a hidden flaw that leads to peace and goodwill on Earth.

    Xbox 360

  • I would shape-shift into a PS3. Basically, I heard that I lieked gaems, so I’d be a PS3 and then I could play gaemz while I played gaems!

    Also, I already have a 360, so that’s why I picked turning into a PS3. Naturally then, it goes without saying that I would prefer a copy of Prototype on Xbox.

  • I’ll transform into Jason Friedberg, the creator of Scary Movie and Epic Movie and I will make yet another terrible parody movie, where the characters rap whenever I run out of ideas for a particular scene.
    The enemies will lose IQ points just watching it, making them too dumb to be a threat.

    ps3 please.

  • I’d turn into a real life version of the windows pop-up boxes. Every time someone performed any action whatsoever, it would ask “are you SURE?”


  • I would turn into a Wifi jammer and sit on their shoulder, blocking their attempts to hack my mainframe from their iphones mwuahaha

    360 thank you please

  • I would become an electrician, never showing up to battles on time and arriving when I’m least expected, probably while they are in the shower.

    Xbox 360

  • Hey just a heads up. I received an email saying I had won this but positive its a phisher asked for my email password to verify if I have entered multiple times. Email from Wildgoose but UK at end.

  • I would transform into Tony Robins and convince my enemies that murder was a super negative thing to do. Instead they should try firewalking.

    -either system

  • I’d shift into some kind of bubble wrap where every few is explosive. We know how addictive they can be and where that would lead.

    It’s lame but it’ll do, and xbox please.

  • posted in Wrong thread before…
    The ultimate weapon I would morph into is a black hole, because not even light can escape the gravitational pwnag3 I would unleash on this
    mortal realm BWAHAHAHAHAAH

    360 please!

  • I will transform into an alarm clock which always rings two hours too early or two hours too late at random. I will also have an obscure off button while all the other obvious buttons are 1 minute snoozes.

    Sleepy enemies are dead enemies.

    PS3 please.

  • I’d transform into Senator Stephen Conroy and block my enemies connection to the outside world thereby leaving them completely isolated and vulnerable…

    (Xbox 360)

  • I would shapeshift into Unicron (the transformer), eating a planet is both destructive and satisfying. Plus i would have the voice of Orson Welles.

    360 or PS3 is fine, 360 preferred

  • I’ll transform into Susan Boyle, and terrorize the enemy with my looks & voice until it begs me to … “Cry Me a River”

    360 plz

  • I’d transform into a mobile marijuana factory spreading love and peace throughout the world. All evil would be so mellow that I would of erradicated the need for an ultimate weapon

    PS3 Please.

  • Hey Kotaku 🙂 Thanks for picking my entry! Although i haven’t received a confirmation email yet.. Should i have?

  • I would turn into a new expansion for World of Warcraft, instantly gaining control of millions of people!

    360 😀

  • I would morph into Stephen Conroy, with my powers I would block the whole internet and squash cyber-crime, corruption of our youth and free speech!


  • I would transform to piece of toast at my enemies breakfast, and fall on the floor butter side down. Crushed by my demoralising brekky!

    Ps3 if i win please!

  • I would transform into the enemies mother and continually ask “Why haven’t you found a nice girl and settled down already?” He can’t hit Mum!

  • Transform into an Orc Quest Giver in WoW and hand out bold red quests to newcomers, then watch and laugh as they destroy themselves.

  • I would change into the most infamous shape shifter of them all – Gumby. Then I’d saddle up Pokey à la horseman of the apocalypse.


  • I would turn into a rock, and cheekily place myself in doorways and at the top of staircases, ultimately causing severe injury or death to unsuspecting bad guys.

  • I would turn into a cute fluffy killer bunny rabbit.
    With sharp fangs and shooting rainbow lasers from my eyes, I would ravage the land.

  • I would shape shift into someone who pre-ordered this game so I can take there copy….. because I’m too poor


  • i would transform into an Ipod. I would demoralize the enemy with subliminal messaging in the background of “build me up buttercup”…


  • i would become a giant vagina and become ruler of the world due to my power over men, only to be defeated by thrush weeks later..

    …what?? too crude??


  • I would transform into K-Rudd and distract my enermies with $900 while slapping them with a dirty big deficit.

  • I would transform myself into Tom Cruises Smile so that my enemies stare at me in awe. Then use my couch jumping skills on them.

  • I would transform into George Bush Jnr, his proven ability to mess completely with the world would be unstoppable.

  • If I could morph like Alex, I’d change into the more reliable production model. That way I’d dodge any teething problems prototype’s sometimes get…

    360 please

  • I’d be a nagging thought in the villain’s mind, like, “Maybe I should’ve stuck around & watched my elaborate death machine actually kill that hero…”

    (360, PS3)

  • The dreaded OCTOTHORPE!!! Its name alone would send my enemies fleeing in terror, long before discovering it’s just another name for the # symbol.

  • Chris Martin, so I could render my enemies stunned with confusion by way of stupid lyrics full of non-sequiturs…and stupid baby names.

    PS3 please.

  • I would transform into the holy bible so I could change history and then have an army of christians following my will AHAHAHA

    PS3 please

  • Kevin Federline, because that man has an uncanny ability to sneak into places (people) where he has no right to be. Stealthy.

    PS3, please.

  • I would transform into a large LCD (or Plasma) Screen displaying the popular internet meme, Badger Badger Badger!

    I would brainwash the enemies with my annoying ‘Badgering’. And force them to walk in to the ocean chanting “badger, badger” and drown themselves.

    360 Thanks. 🙂

  • I would become an autumn tree on the enemies driveway, then, when they least expected it, cover there driveway with leaves driving them to complete mental breakdown.

    Console: Ps3 Please
    Email address: [email protected]

  • I would transform into the ghost of Christmas future and by showing them the post apocalyptic nightmare that has resulted from being my enemy cause them to avoid me all together. PS3

  • Candlejack, if anyone saw me, all that would be heard was “Is that Candlejack over th-”


  • Assuming the “ultimate weapon” delivers maximum damage while suffering less than that dealt, the logical choice would be – a Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Shake.

    360 please

  • My gamers thumbs are proven deadly weapons.
    I’d transform into myself with an extra $100 in my pocket so I can go buy Prototype.


  • I would shapeshift into David Caruso, spouting one liners all over the place while my hands generate all the sunglasses I need.

    (PS3 please)

  • Modern day Sonic The Hedgehog, to make a better world for everyone I would stand perfectly still and purposely let the enemy kill me.



  • I would transform into sweet, delicious cake making the enemy fat… so I could steal their princess, or destroy them.

  • I would transform into an astrologist and manipulate horoscopes to mess with the enemy’s mind.

    Console: Xbox 360

  • I would transform into me holding a copy of Prototype on 360.

    Thus surpassing all the potential sadness from sucking at this competition.

  • I would transform into a 2 m wasabi icecream that can jump and bounce, so when I encounter any enemy they can’t harm me and when they touch me they will be so hot that they’ll explode.

  • i would turn into the enemys car radio system replacing the old on ofcourse and stay permanently on B105 to annoy them with crappy music

    ps3 or xbox

  • I will shape-shift into an indoor tornado, whose blowing power increases the more stuffy the room is. And it selectiveky blows only paper around, heavily increasing the risk of papercut.



  • An anglerfish, lure my enemys with my glowball to the marianas trench were the pressure would compress them into a smaller more consumable morsel.


  • I would transform into those internet ads where you need to shoot the ducks. Because everyone always stops to move the targeting reticle around.

  • I’d become the head of City-Rail and force the trains to run more irregular than normal, making my enemies bad-tempered and irritable and destroying them on a day to day basis (Which the pay me for)

    PS3 plz

  • I would become the ultimate shape, a gravitational singularity. Would have to turn off battle animations though, I hear those things last a while.

    (Xbox 360)

  • I would transorm into my enemies mother; forcing them an early bedtime and to wash the dishes.


  • I would morph into the enemies bed, and every time he gets uncomfortable and rolls over, I’ll roll him right back, it will annoy the heck out of him.

  • I would shapeshift into a competition winning formula. that way i could win the lottery and hire a mercenary to defeat my foes.


  • I’d become last night’s chicken curry and inflict colossal damage to my enemy’s intestinal track and finish with a explosive xenomorph exit through the arse.


  • I would change into Duke Nukem, they’d be astonished that he still exists and I’d be able to kick some ass.


  • I would turn into an apostrophe stealthily moving in and out of sentences causing grammar nerds to kill themselves.

    Xbox 360


  • Choice – Xbox 360

    MILEY CYRUS – With My manly voice and horrible music, my enemies would take death with a smile!


  • I would morph into Hideo Kojima. An announcement of an announcement would broadcast nation-wide, followed by a repetitious countdown. Frustrated, my enemies would flee.

  • Sam Newman, in his skin i can insult anybody i choose and still retain my increasingly useless job

  • I would shift into Bill Gates and unleash thousands upon thousands of bugs into the world, some attached to an operating system, some…not so much.

    Preference: Xbox 360 or PS3

  • Transform into Doctor Who so I can go back in time to do their mothers and tell me sons to stop fighting me.


  • A transformer.
    1.Arrive at enemy base as a free bus to a peep show.
    2.Drive off and transform a few times.
    3.Go for a swim.


  • Barney the Dinosaur.

    Because come on, who wouldn’t trust Barney the Dinosaur? The ultimate weapon is one of complete deception. He may look innocent…


  • I would shape-shift into the bad guys OS and crash every time they want to save a document, send an email or press the attack button. They will never successfully be able to launch an attack. Then I would pop the all mighty BSOD and totally annoy them into killing themselves.

    [email protected]
    PS3 please

  • Heather Mills – Not only could I bludgeon the enemy with my prosthetic leg, but I could bankrupt them with my divorce settlement!

    PS3 Please

  • I would become a 2 year old boy. They can hit anyone they like in the nuts and never suffer any consequences! Ask my son.


  • i would transfrom into a spork, because noone would know what to do with me, use me as a fork? use me as a spoon? WHO KNOWS the possibilities are endless.
    ps3 plz

  • Shape shift into a black hole pulling, crushing and obliterating everything within range! Nothing more devastating in the real world than a black hole!!

  • I would transform into a Snickers bar. That way I could get some nuts and face the baddies head-on!


  • I would trandform into all the earths air supply., i could suffocate anyone i wanted, thus controlling the world

  • I’d turn into an RRoD – afflicted Xbox, send it to the enemy, and demoralize them with the rage of the devil lights.


  • Maybe I didn’t win because I didn’t leave my email in :(.

    So I will resubmit my answer :D!

    For the 360 version:

    “I would transform into the Duke Nukem Forever game making theirs and everyone elses heads explode from shock and awesomeness!”

    [email protected]

  • I would turn into an annoying Blowfly, enter the enemies ear, and then transform into a Morning Star Ball splattering their insides everywhere! Yummy!

  • Turn into a device that taps into the bad guys radio frequencey and start giving them random orders, eg. “Garry can you check Mike’s gun it appears to be faulty…. “Mike! the guy who is approaching you is not Garry! Shot the motherfucker NOW!!!” etc.

    PS3 Thanks!

  • I would shapeshift into an invisible wall with spikes – we know how invisible walls draw enemy AI like magnets!

    PS3 please

  • I would shapeshift into the San Andreas fault. When my enemies get close, the earth will take them in and if they manage to escape, a collapsing nuclear reactor ought to do the trick.

  • I would shapeshift into jesus and lead everyone into a false state of mind and make them all eat kentucky fried chicken while I snack on their brains and try to work out the secret ingredient lol.

  • i would morph into a controller with sqeaky analogue sticks to drive the player so mad they throw their controller at the tv and loose. ps3 please!

  • I would turn into a computer moniter. gaining all the intelligence from the enemy without alerting, and if i was found out i would either come out of the screen and attack or pull their head into the screen, like freddy krueger with the t.v!

    xbox 360

  • I’d go Stan Bush. He’s got the touch…he’s got the power.

    I’d prefer 360, but would happily accept PS3.

  • I would transform into a rainbow; my enemies would forever be chasing me for that pot o’ gold until that sweet, sweet moment when they inevitably die from old age, exhaustion or a plain old knife in the back.

    Xbox 360 Please

  • I would transform into the villains plumbing system. Lets just say they will be in a little bit of a ‘sticky’ situation

  • I’d shift into David Wildgoose. Countless blogs will take over kotaku to manipulate the minds of the millions on the internet.


  • I would become the companion cube, become involved with my enemies, and then disappear, leaving them emotionally crippled.

    Either, but 360 preferred.

  • I would turn into a shower that only runs with cold water, thus insuring the faceless henchmen are cranky for work.

    360 plx.

  • I would transform myself into a gun that someone else would have to fire. You can’t fault Decepticon logic, right?

    Xbox 360 please.

  • I would morph into a pony that all the ladies could ride, sounds better than fighting enemies


  • I would transform into an entry not containing anything referring to David Wildgoose, butterflies, Chuck Norris or “Chk Chk Boom!” Whoops this entry contains them!

    Xbox please 😀

    (we can enter more than once can’t we?)

  • A titanium-armoured, fire-breathing robot panther with flank-mounted mini guns and laser for eyes. Oh, and a rocket pack too.


  • Here i forgot the version I want its PS3.
    Here is the post again.

    “I would turn into a aerodynamic building/watercraft because it would go anywhere and could crush anything.”

  • I would Transform into a table, with one short leg. To annoy people with the need to shove a dictionary under me. then one day need the dictionary and lose the table!


  • Youtube, by turning my enemies into drooling morons they will be too busy uploading videos to notice their computers overheating and exploding by my virus.

    360 all the way.

  • I would transform into my favorite actor arnold schwarzenegger just so i can run around my school saying GET TO THE CHOPPA !!!

    Gamertag – II THE HULK

    PS3/360 (no preference)

  • I would transform into George Lucas, i would then remake the latest star wars movies without ja ja binks.

    Gamertag- danielmoritz

    No Preference

  • I would turn into a little chinese kid and I would follow my enemy and annoy them constantly and after they yell at me or chase me I would run away!

  • For maximum damage, I would become Rosie O’donnell’s face. we all know it doesn’t get any scarier than that.

  • I would turn into the ultimate version of David Hasslehoff and swoon ladies with my disgusting overeating, B rated movie cameo’s, and weakness for the big margarittas with the small umbrellas. PS3

  • I would transform into an Xbox 360 so everyone would stop fighting and start arguing over whether Xbox 360 or PS3 is better.

    Xbox 360 for me, thanks.

  • Tommy Lee, on account of Pam and the ‘ultimate weapon’. Cause really, isn’t that’s what the internet is all about?

    (360 please)


  • I would choose a rake and incessantly re-position myself so each time the enemy took a step, a slapstick whack to the forehead would occur.

    PS3, cheers.

  • A man with several years of computer repair experience and at least two fake qualifications. I would then overcharge myself to fix my broken PC.

  • I would morph into a perfect version of David Hasselhoff and cameo in awful B rated movies for the rest of my life !

    PS3 pimpin

  • I would turn into an air conditioner. I can keep the enemy cool, but at the right time, malfunction and make them angry and sweaty!


  • I would transform into CJ from GTA, I could do anything with all my cheat codes. even if i die i would just respawn at a nearby hospital.

  • I would shape-shift into a guy who spends too much time online and write a long, boring pararaph just because he was so desperate to get that free copy of PROTOTYPE and too pathetic to work up enough strength to walk to the store nextdoor and buy the game the day it comes out. But he doesn’t have the money to buy it so he just sits there typing away at his little computer, typing this message, hoping and praying that he will win that copy of PROTOTYPE. But then he realizes that whoever is reading this is probably bored by now, so he stops……….

    360, thanks for your time.

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