WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

prototype-pic-1Day three of our Prototype giveaway starts now.

We've giving away ten copies of Prototype this week. We asked you to describe in 25 words or less the shape you would shift into to become the ultimate weapon, just like Alex Mercer can do in the game.

Two winners have already been picked. And another two will be announced in the following paragraphs.

Tuesday's PS3 Winner Micca Delaney - "I would become a faulty fluorescent overhead light in order to annoy the enemy with my constant flickering and barely audible yet irritating humming sound."

Tuesday's Xbox 360 Winner Antwandemarco - "I would transform into David Koch on the morning show and give the bad guys really bad financial advice to deal with the GFC, ruining there stock portfolio!"

We’re giving away another two copies of Prototype today - one on 360, one on PS3 - so to be in the running you’ll need to add your entry to the comments below. Please include your console preference and valid email address. (Facebook login users: please include your email address in your comment.)

Oh, and a few tips: answers referring to me, butterflies, Chuck Norris or anyone saying "Chk Chk Boom!" are guaranteed not to win.

Hit the original post for the full details and terms & conditions.


    I would transform into David Wildgoose, gaining the power to bring people back to Kotaku every day to try to win a copy of Prototype, sabotaging their lives irreparably.

    (360 Please)

    I would shape-shift into something that is neither a person, creature or living thing that has no properties as a weapon. Then submit a post containing over 25 words. As this seems to be the only way of winning this competition.

    Console Preference: PS3

      Hey... what the poop? >_>

      So according to the terms and condition, it has to be a living creature/person/animal and the entry has to be under 25 words... and the winners are all... hey >:(

      So are there technically no rules and these are more rough guidelines?

    I would shape shift into yesterdays winners to claim their prize no ultimate weapon needed to obtain my goal then.

    [email protected]


    Become Steve Jobs, give my enemies free ipods and sneak up on them after they become deaf from listening to their ipods too loud overtime

    I would transform in the Windows Vista operating system and implant myself in my enemies computers. Then they would all die from my terrible software capabilities and slowness.

    Xbox 360 Please!!

    I would change into Kotaku reader 'grabda' then immobilize everyone with my clever remarks and cutting wit. Once immobilized, I would unleash my special smug attack so that everyone is crushed under the weight of my all powerful whining.


      I would also transform into grabda as well because he is awesome

      I would change into Kotaku reader ‘Mitch’ then immobilize everyone with my clever observations and cutting commentary. Once immobilized, I would unleash my special piggy-back attack so that everyone is crushed under the weight of the comment I am piggy-backing off of.

        I would change into Kotaku reader ‘Jimmy' then immobi... oh never mind.

    i would turn into a wii remote with no wrist strap because what else is more dangerous

    I would shape-shift into Hideo Kojima and leave a clock counting down outside the enemies base to distract them while I sneak into their base.

      Oops, 360 Please

        Yeah, I did the Hideo gag yesterday. Doesn't work.


    i would shape shift into one of the soldiers contact lenses so i could see every thing he does the ultimate disguise to infiltrate their base

    A lump of black coal, which, when burnt as a fuel source would reveal its true disguise, a cunning wordplay of a black hole, mwhahahhah!

    xbox or ps3

    oops ps3 please, i forgot in all the excitement :/

    I would transform into a banana peel and wait silently near a road so my enemies slip into oncoming traffic.


    An enormous spanner. I would destroy all machines making soft toilet paper, leaving only ones that make the rough stuff.

    Nobody likes scratchy toilet paper.


    I will transform into the 'ultimate game developer/publisher' and delay the world's most anticipated game everytime it's close to its release date.

    PS3/360 (no preference)

    I would shapeshift into a pair of scissors attached to a pair of legs so I can constantly run around and cause untold destruction.

    Console: xbox 360
    Email: [email protected]

    I would shape shift into Uwe Boll and direct a decent movie for a change, distracting the bad guys from plundering and taking over the city.

    On PS3 please

    I'd turn into Superman, there's no kryptonite in Prototype right? He's unstoppable when there's none of that stuff around.


    I would morph into the Hypnotoad. No one would be able to resist my hypnotic gaze. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

    PS3 please :)

    I would turn in to a small pebble to be placed in to an enemy's shoe, which would slip around and annoy them at crucial moments.

    A cardboard box, as it has been proven that no one ever pays any attention to those.

      either console

    Christian Bale. Because I would yell extremely loudly at anyone who opposed me and then we would be finished professionally.


    A member of the Spanish Inquisition. The enemy would be all "Holy crap the Spanish Inquisition? How unexpected!" Then I'd be all "stab stab stab."

      My email will be with this post.

      And PS3 please.

    i would turn into an ipod and slowly increase the volume until they're deaf

    Michael Atkinson. I would use my anti-logic bomb to deadly effect.


      360 thanks

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