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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Picked up Prototype yesterday. Only played it for 30mins but holy hell what an impression. I think the only game that was as big a wake up for me was Gears 1.

    The first 15mins was particularly mindblowing. I hear a lot of negative things about it though, which is strange cause its not out yet. Is this because of InFamous fans? :/

    Anyone else pick it up? Impressions?

    • So it’s worth the purchase? I was thinking about grabbing a copy this afternoon but the whole review embargo thing has me a little worried…

      • As I said, from the 30mins I played it I was extremely impressed. Although I think given how awesome being a superovered awesome dude is, the disguises might get annoying – or may not be properly appreciated. I only played untill you meet your sister and leave her hideout (standing on the roof). Thats only the end of the second mission, so I don’t think I can give more than first impressions 🙂

        But yeah.. first impressions = awesome!

  • You think it’s strange that there are negative opinions as it’s not out yet, yet you gave your opinion and ask for ours?

    Why did Activision put the embargo in place anyway?

    • Game’s not out in the states but AU has broken the street date. I picked up my copy yesterday afternoon. I was wondering if anyone else got their copy, hence asking for opinions 🙂

      I will admit that the Embargo is bizzare. Maybe the were worried about the InFamous comparisons and wanted people to play and judge for themselves? I have no idea, just idle thoughts.

  • “How appropriate, you fight like a cow.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    Not got around to picking up either inFamous or Prototype yet. Too busy playing Pure and Demigod right now =)

  • Hurhur, “gas”.

    Guess what! No, don’t guess, I’ll just tell you.
    I’m playing Mass Effect for the first time! It’s a bit of an adjustment, but it’s pretty good so far.
    Except when it crashes every hour. And how the 1.01 patch totally screwed up the sound. But apart from that, peachy.

    • that game really impressed me, second time ever that i discarded a game without finishing it. the first being Taz-mania for the megadrive.

      just a nice mix of terrible inventory and garbage repetition in side quests made me give up about 3/4 of the way through. also its pretty sad when your party AI is so bad my default setting was “sit in the corner and do nothing” because that was MORE help then they could ever be in combat.

  • played prototype for hours last night, not sure i’m enjoying it as much as infamous. infamous has a bit more personality, i find prototype’s new york to be quite bland, but the wallrunning and shapeshifting is rather fun.

  • Blah I’ve just had Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 rock up on my doorstep – kill me now… or at least suggest something to watch on tv at the same time as playing it to ease the pain… 🙁

    • A combination of the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms and an anime about giant robots? That is at least intriguing. How does such a thing work?

  • Can anyone confirm that nothing was edited out of Prototype for the Australian release? Some of the preview details made it sound like there was a fair bit of objectionable content not suitable for children (or Australians), but who knows how the OFLC’s dice landed this time?

  • Well, heck, I’ll change the topic…….to sport!

    Kaka’ off to Real Madrid for approximately $113M Australian. Bloody Florentino Perez is bringing another Galacticos era to Real Madrid. Let’s hope it crashes and burns like the last one.

  • Word is that Prototype’s campaign is pretty short – 6 hours or so if you run through and don’t spend hours just mucking around with the wall running and destruction. That seems to be where most of the negative press is coming from, but I imagine one could extend this play time immensely if they decided to, you know, have fun with the game.

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