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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Hey, Monkey Island!

    With the news that Telltale is remaking Monkey Island for XBLA and making an entirely new series for PC, I really hope they move onto Day of the Tentacle next. I seriously loved that game.

    What was your favourite old adventure game?

    • I would kill for a new Day of the Tentacle game! In fact, I’m going to go back and play it now, for nostalgia…

  • I’m too scared to poo at work. In the event of an unavoidable movement, I walk upstairs to an empty office floor where no one else works and I know I will have the bathroom to myself.

    Is there something wrong with me?

  • Well, if no one is going to say anything I will…again. I just finished playing Far Cry 2 on the Pc the other day and I have to say…woah. That game was awesome. I know lots of people didn’t dig the driving around and there was a couple of things they could have done better.But as a whole, I loved it. It is going to be hard to find a game that gets me as amped up as that game did.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    • @Michael Pannunzio

      Whilst I know David was a fan as well, I have to say that Far Cry 2 really became a bit of a chore to play after a while. Mainly because I think that the gameplay never really evolved throughout the game. The way you played the first 2hours of FC2 was pretty much the same way you played the last 2hours.

      While this is not necessarily a problem for games, it really means that the gameplay – at least in my opinion – needs to be really top notch and innovative. A game like portal for instance used the same basic mechanics throughout the game although the scenarios in which it was utilised really demonstrated how fun and innovative the whole portal idea really was.

      Far cry 2 however was kind of repetitive and in many respects just a regular FPS with fire and some open world potential. Where were the “hang glider + Molotov” missions or the missions where I got to go nuts with a tank for a while? While I know apologists for the game will quickly jump on the dubious ‘realism’ argument, I just find that FC2 should have made a better attempt to draw players in with more than just atmosphere and fire effects.

      • Whilst the game isn’t perfect, I mean what game is, It was a step in the right direction. It sets a bar for other developers and for “The Crying Fellas” themselves. The thing now is next time they have to do better.

  • Well, if you want people to say something.

    Very surprised that Liverpool are going to pay 17 million pounds for Glen Johnson. He’s a good attacking right back, but his defensive abilities have been questioned in the past.

    Also, West Ham are incredibly close to signing Luis Jiminez (and Brazilian winger Mancini) which is great news 🙂

    • Particularly good news for this West Ham fan! We just need to hang onto Upson, re-sign Neill and get Dean Ashton fit again and I fancy our chances next season.

      Anyone for a dedicated football blog?

      • Yet another West Ham fan 🙂

        I could write enough to clog up this page on the subject, but it is testing times times for us with the “new owners” who are an “asset management company”

        But back on the topic of games, when are they going to include Upton Park in the FIFA games?

        Oh, and it is absolutely hilarious that they have St. James’ Park in FIFA now 🙂

  • So I’m really loving my JRPG’s at the moment and thinking about picking up a copy of The Last Remnant (360 version).

    I’m prepared for some slowdown and texture pop-in, and have plenty of HDD space for installing it….

    So has anyone here played it? Is the game worth putting up with these problems?

    • Dont get it anyways if your after a good 360 JRPG get Star Ocean the last hope it shits all over the Last Remnant.

      ps it is just me or does the ps3 motion controller look like a butt plug??

  • Who likes watching the Socceroos play with two defensive midfielders and one striker?!?! Especially when we are playing at home against Bahrain and one of the DMF is JEDINAK!?!?!


    p.s. Nicky Carle better fucking get a decent run tonight.

  • Just been playing FF7 through again. Nostalgia’s sake.’Thought I’d have a read of some reviews online….

    Why are there a craptonne of people complaining about the graphics? One reviewer actually compared them to Gears of War 2. Why why why?

    • Comparing FF6 to FF7 would be a better comparison vs time and technology. I do admit that when FF7 came out, it was pretty amazing, but personally wasn’t that impressed. It was technically cool, but looked awful. You have to admit that those chunky 3D graphics weren’t that great, and the framerate of those moves were pretty bad.
      Of course, there those really cool scenes like summoning Knights of the Round that kinda makes up for it…

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