The Week In Games

The Week In Games

fuel4Preposterous multi-vehicular open world racing game FUEL is the biggest release this week. Literally. But there are plenty of other games to check out too.

If you have a PS3 – and only a PS3, thanks Sony! – there’s Ghostbusters. Wii, PC and 360 owners must wait until the European period of PlayStation exclusivity expires. Or, in the case of the 360, import the region-free copy from the US.

Personally, I’d recommend Monster Hunter Freedom Unite which, against all my preconceptions, is the most deeply satisfying handheld game I’ve played in quite a while. Tales of Vesperia is also pretty good, if you can stomach the cute.

New releases for the w/c June 22:

Anno 1404 (PC) What Is It? Venerable strategy series focused on city-building, resource management, trading and exploration. Should You Care? It’s good to see Sunflowers still catering to the unfashionably hardcore.

Anno: Create A New World (Wii, DS) What Is It? A more accessible version of the above. Should You Care? Anno-lite is as successful as Civ: Revolution was.

Cricket Captain Ashes 2009 (PC) What Is It? Super-hardcore cricket management game. Should You Care? For gamers who prefer Test Cricket to this new-fangled 20/20 rubbish.

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires (360, PS3) What Is It? Looks like another Dynasty Warriors game to me. Should You Care? Only if you can discern the difference between this and Dynasty Warriors 6, released last year.

FUEL (360, PS3) What Is It? Racing game that takes place over a massive open world environment. Should You Care? Burnout Paradise and Test Drive Unlimited do it better.

Ghostbusters (PS3) What Is It? The game of the movie. Should You Care? It’s good fun, but multi-consoles owners might want to wait for the Wii version.

Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (360, PS3, PS2, Wii) What Is It? A bunch of old songs for newcomers to the Guitar Hero franchise. Should You Care? Only if you don’t already own Guitar Heroes 1, 2 and 3.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS) What Is It? 3D platformer tied into the upcoming movie. Should You Care? You know the drill.

Imagine: My Boutique (DS) What Is It? Existential meditation on the soulless void at the heart of western consumer culture. Should You Care? Like, totally!

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) What Is It? The RPG that single-handedly sold the PSP to Japan. Should You Care? There are hundreds of hours of rewarding grind right here.

The Munchables (Wii) What Is It? Quirky action game that is to eating what Katamari is to rolling. Should You Care? More of a snack than a substantial meal.

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise (Wii) What Is It? Waggle-heavy combat awaits you in this action/adventure based on the popular manga/anime. Should You Care? Can you name more than one character from One Piece?

Resident Evil Archives (Wii) What Is It? Wiimake of the Gamecube remake of the PSone original, the first Resident Evil. Should You Care? Recommended if, as chances are, you never played the Cube edition.

Spore: Galactic Adventures (PC) What Is It? Expansion pack for Spore that adds more meat to the Space stage. Should You Care? Definitely looks like better value than the earlier Creatures add-on.

Superbike World Championship 09 (360, PS3) What Is It? Exactly what it says on the box. Should You Care? Racing sim fans will be very impressed.

Superstars V8 Racing (360, PS3) What Is It? Not the next V8 Supercars Race Driver from Codemasters, this is by the guys who made the above Superbike game. Should You Care? It’s not as good as the Superbike game.

Tales of Vesperia (360) What Is It? Visually sumptuous action-RPG. Should You Care? Some say this is the best JRPG on the 360.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (360, PS3, Wii, DS, PC) What Is It? Another game of the movie. Should You Care? I’ve heard this is good fun in multiplayer, but lacking when played solo.


  • Suprising that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen reviews havnt been out. I think a few people are keen on the multi which has sounded good so far.

    David, how well have JRPG’s sold in Australia Lately?

    • Same here. Although I’m still on the first disc of Star Ocean so Vesperia may have to wait.

      While on the subject of Star Ocean, am I the only one who wants to put a foot through the TV every time that creepy girls says “‘kay?”

  • I thought The Conduit was out this week, but I see the release date’s been pushed back until July. On the bright side, that gives me more time to play Star Ocean 4 and Vesperia! Too many games, too little time.

    Seconding the Resident Evil Archives recommendation, too.

  • I recommend monster hunter unite as well, I have the Japanese version myself. If you have a psp, then you’re crazy not to have monster hunter.

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