2K Confirms BioShock 2 Will Miss Xmas

Earlier today we heard that BioShock 2 had slipped. Now we have a better idea of just how far.

Take-Two advised that the sequel had moved from its fourth financial quarter (ending Oct 31) into the fiscal year 2010 (starting Nov 1). But it wasn't clear whether or not this meant we'd still see BioShock 2 released this calendar year.

So we asked 2K to clarify and clarify they did:

"We expect the title to ship in the first half of 2010."

So, there you are. BioShock 2 won't be out this year. But it will be out sometime between Jan 1, 2010, and Jun 30, 2010.


    That both sucks and blows.

    Hopefully it is to fine tune the terrible multiplayer. Or bin it and add more to the single. Either way I'd be happy.

      Terrible looking i should say.

    Booooooo, what do you expect me to wait for now ;(

    X-Mas is ruined...Again!!

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