The Open World Hollywood Wii Game That Never Was

the-next-big-thingWhen Pandemic’s Australian studio closed down earlier this year, two projects got canned: their Batman game and a mysterious Wii project. Here’s an internal trailer for that Wii title, codenamed “The Next Big Thing”.

Back in January, while researching what happened to Pandemic’s ill-fated Batman game based on The Dark Knight, we heard about something called “The Next Big Thing”. Our sources told us it was an ambitious open world game for the Wii. They said it was “impressive”.

Australian Gamer has dug up a trailer for this “Next Big Thing”, an open world game where your Mii transforms into a Hollywood celebrity/stuntman. It looks like there’s a lot of customisation of both your character and also the world as your stardom grows. It also appears to be some sort of strange open world mini-game collection hybrid going under the working title of “No Limits Racing”. And features a guest appearance by none other than Mr. T.

It’s also, sadly, unlikely to ever be released.

Do you think it looks “impressive”?

Pandemic’s Next Big Thing [Australian Gamer]


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