The Pitch: Darksiders Tells You All To Go To Hell

The Pitch: Darksiders Tells You All To Go To Hell

darksiders-artWe asked comic legend and Vigil Games chief Joe Madureira to sum up the hellish adventure of Darksiders in just one word.

The Pitch is where a developer has to answer five quick-fire questions about their game in just 25 words or less. It’s all about their ability to hone down their game to its bare essentials and tell us precisely why we should be interested.

And hopefully, it’s a bit of fun for you guys.

So, lets hand it over to Vigil Games’ Joe Madureira. Joe, your time starts now!

Give me the Darksiders elevator pitch.
A cosmic conspiracy destroys mankind, and the Horsemen take the fall. War returns to a demon-infested Earth to clear his name, and punish the wicked.

What sort of gamer is gonna dig Darksiders?
Fans of action, and adventure with a cinematic flare–Epic stories and over-the-top violence and bloodshed. And anyone who’s ever bought a copy of Fangoria magazine, because monsters are the business.

What’s the first awesome thing I’ll do in Darksiders?
Attempt to kill a building sized-demon in the middle of a crowded city street, while screaming civilians run for their pathetic lives.

What can I do in Darksiders that I can’t do in any other game?
Trample an army of demons on your flaming steed, dismount, pick up a car, and use it to knock Angels out of the sky.

Describe Darksiders in just one word.

Darksiders is due out on Xbox 360 and PS3 early 2010. How do you think Joe fared? Are you sold on his pitch for Darksiders?


  • i got to play it at a work function a week or two ago, and i can say it is freaking awesome, think of it with a bit of God of War for epic-ness and violence, Devil May Cry for the other weapons, along with the above-mentioned Biblical bent.

  • I’ve been a great fan of Joe’s work and am really happy that he’s focusing more on videogames.

    If you’re a real gamer…how can you NOT want to buy this game. Hopefully a nice Limited Edition will follow. (can you add a nice artbook or the conclusion to “Battlechasers” I’ve been patiently waiting for years now:D)

    Joe Mad, you’re the best!

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