Joe Mad Picks Your Darksiders Comic Winner

I mentioned yesterday that we'd asked Darksiders creator and comic art legend Joe Madureira to judge the Darksiders competition. And he did! Find out who won - and another little surprise - after the jump.

That's the winner right there. Click on it.

In Joe's own words: "Garth C had a lot of emotion in his characters – that’s how I like to draw. I like to try and bring a real physicality to my characters, balled up fists, really expressive faces like they are going to jump out of a panel. Animators in game design take a character with potential energy and make them move, breathe life into them. It’s awesome. Good job Garth, hope you like your Chaoseater!"

Congratulations to Garth C! You've won yourself the replica Chaoseater sword and a PlayStation 3 console, thanks to THQ.

And also - here's the surprise - congratulations to Scott B, Alvin N, Bounnong S, Bren, C V, Finlay D and Matt C. As Joe's runners-up, you've scored yourselves a Darksiders art book and War figurine, again thanks to the generosity of THQ.

You can view the runners-up comics below. To all the winners, I'll be in touch later today to arrange your prizes.



    Fantastic work guys, congratulations to all of you :D

    Congrats! Very well deserved... you have a great talent Garth!

    Well done folks - special shout outs to a man brave enough to make public comments about Goose's wang

    Well done Garth, I picked yours as a personal fav to win when I first saw it:)

    Congrats to Garth and the other winners. Some suuuperb work guys!

    Just quickly Garth, what's the typeface you used for War and Armageddon?

    Congrats guys, some bloody awesome efforts right there!

    All the prizes at Kotaku always go to people with talent n stuff. When are us lazy untalented losers who don't even bother to enter anything going to win stuff?? What about me?? it isn't fair!!

      Congratulations to the runners up and all those who entered the competition. Massive congratulations to Garth C, nice work mate.

      Enjoy your PS3 and Chaoseater, lucky bastard!

      Make sure to post some pictures of you wielding the Choaseater, I'm sure we'd all like to see them.

    Woah! My mind is blown...Joe mad is absolutely one of my favourite artists and a big influence so this is a very sweet day for me indeed. Thanks to Joe and Kotaku, you've made my year!

    Tom: That font is 'Warmonger''ll find it at

      Any chance you're in Brisbane so I can borrow the sword if I ever try to pull off the War costume for a Supanova? :D

      Congrats though, enjoy finding space for the damn thing.

    Well done all, amazing quality.

    David next time can we ease down on the creative juices needed to snatch the master prize so that mere mortals still have a chance ;-)

    Really enjoyed a lot of the entries and still laugh at the thought that I was going to try and make stick figures work in a possible entry.

    Woohoo, I'm such a sucker for art books! :D Thanks guys, and congratulations everyone!

    (This is actually the first comic I've ever drawn, I normally draw from life. :P)

    Wow, I totally thought that Bren guy had it in the bag, his artwork blew my mind! - not to say the others sucked, congrats to all!

    WOW that fantastic a Darksiders artbook and War figurine, thanks Kotatu and joe for chosing us.

    and well done Garth C he had a awesome comic!!!

    To tell you the truth, when I saw in the last post that Joe -fricking- Madureira was going to judge the comics, I already sort of gave up all hope of my entry ever winning.

    Props to all the people who did win!
    Good work guys/girls.

      Always felt that to a degree, but yeah, once it was announced that Joe was going to judge... instantly knew that an actual drawn comic would take it out, instead of others that used screenshots, etc. Which realistically makes sense for the type of comp it is.

      Anyway... Congratulations to Garth C, the comic is fantastic, and didn't notice the weapons the characters were using at the time being console related, lol Congratulations to the runners-up also!

      Finally... Multiple Winners Confirmed, Confirmed! :p

    Absolutely astounding work guys - very much well deserved to all of you.

    I wish i had more free time to be able to enter.. next comp is mine tho :P lol

    Seriously i am blown away but how awesome these comics have been!

    Well done to all, it's good that runners up won as there are some sweet comics there.

    Wow, now thats quite a suprise, thanks very much Mr. Joe Mad and Kotaku! It's amazing what one can accomplish with puns and ms paint. And congrats to Garth, excellent stuff!

      Just between you and I, Matt, ApocaLips was my favourite...

        aww Shucks :D thanks for the kind words!

        By the way have you tried contacting me yet? My email account had a bit of a hissy fit last night so I might have missed it

    Congratulations to everybody who won or came runner-up.

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