Joe Mad Picks Your Darksiders Comic Winner

I mentioned yesterday that we’d asked Darksiders creator and comic art legend Joe Madureira to judge the Darksiders competition. And he did! Find out who won – and another little surprise – after the jump.

That’s the winner right there. Click on it.

In Joe’s own words: “Garth C had a lot of emotion in his characters – that’s how I like to draw. I like to try and bring a real physicality to my characters, balled up fists, really expressive faces like they are going to jump out of a panel. Animators in game design take a character with potential energy and make them move, breathe life into them. It’s awesome. Good job Garth, hope you like your Chaoseater!”

Congratulations to Garth C! You’ve won yourself the replica Chaoseater sword and a PlayStation 3 console, thanks to THQ.

And also – here’s the surprise – congratulations to Scott B, Alvin N, Bounnong S, Bren, C V, Finlay D and Matt C. As Joe’s runners-up, you’ve scored yourselves a Darksiders art book and War figurine, again thanks to the generosity of THQ.

You can view the runners-up comics below. To all the winners, I’ll be in touch later today to arrange your prizes.


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