What Are You Playing This Weekend?

While winter continues to treat us Sydney-siders with torrential rain and an all-pervasive chill, Wii Sports Resort island is the ideal getaway.

This weekend I'll be practising my table tennis and golf while tracking to track down all those sighseeing spots in the Island Flyover. I'll also be continuing my adventures with the frankly hilarious Sam & Max episodes on XBLA.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'll be spreading my time between Prototype, Battlefield 1943, Killzone 2 and COD4.

    Infamous. Started last night. And after already playing through Prototype and Red Faction I so far I think I have left the best to last.

    Battlefield 1943 just got released on the PS3 so I'm gonna be playing a bit of that.


    Ogre Battle SNES on my Wii ^_^

    I would be playing WSR but the mail in WA sucks.

    So BFF1943 for me, I'm not too torn up.

    I'll split my time between Battlefield 1943 and THESIS.doc, I think.

    Overlord 2 started yesterday getting into the meat of it today :)

    If I can get Battlefield to run without lag I might give that a go, but I'm having a few peeps around later so almost certainly some World Tour and system linked Halo 3/CoD:WaW.

    Might pick up BF:1943...

    Otherwise, Red Faction & Tiger Woods 10

    Triple J Hottest 100 of all time... no games floating my boat atm :(

    BF1943 (PS3)
    Ghostbusters (PS3)
    Call of Duty 4 (360)

    I'm playing with eye make-up.

    Battlefield Heroes
    Company of Heroes
    Fallout 3
    and i might give the 1943 trial ago

    I'm still waiting on my copy of Wii Sports Resort from Nintendo, so it'll have to be Fuel, Fable II and playing the Battlefield 1943 demo.

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