Who Won Those Conduit Prize Packs?

Last week we ran a giveaway for Sega's upcoming Wii shooter, The Conduit. We now know who won.

We asked you to write a witty marketing tag-line for High Voltage's motion controlled FPS. These three people did it best:

James The Conduit: Only One Man Has The Ball To Save Earth

Adam The Conduit: Don’t leave it up to a fruiterer

Simon The Conduit: Not just a purpose-designed electrical piping system used for protection and routing of electrical wiring.

Ah yes, very droll. For their winning wit, James, Adam and Simon will each be taking home:

* A copy of The Conduit for Nintendo Wii * A Conduit branded keyring (with torchlight in the shape of the game’s All-Seeing-Eye) * A pair of Conduit branded speakers

The rest of you will just have to settle for buying it when it launches this Thursday. Sorry 'bout that.

Thanks to Sega for making this giveaway possible and thanks to everyone who made the effort to enter. Cheers!


    If only i had a wii i would actually enter


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