WIN! Your Chance To Join The Cities XL Beta

We've got another TEN beta keys for the Cities XL beta test up for grabs today.

Cities XL is a city builder in the vein of Sim City that sees you managing your metropolis in a massively multiplayer world.

As with any MMO, a beta test is necessary!

We’ve already offered you a leg-up to get on the Cities XL beta. Now, we can offer you direct entry to the beta test now underway.

Well, direct entry for 50 of you anyway. Every day this week we’ll have 10 beta keys to give away. All you have to do is leave your city’s slogan in the comments below. Every city has a motto, or a slogan, so what’s yours gonna be?

We’ll pick the 10 slogans each day that make us chuckle the most. Then we’ll email you your Cities XL beta key.

Monday's ten winners will be announced shortly.

UPDATE: Here are Monday's winners! I'll email out your beta key asap.

Endu Sturton: Your home away from Azeroth

Cory City XL, for the larger people in our society!

Qumulys Homebrand - Where the streets have no name.

Gaz No meteorite hits since 2004.

warcroft City living, country inconvenience.

GGP Orange, the unrhymable city.

Funky J Radelaide - So rad it’s stuck in the 80s

Ayrton Coll Hyperbolia - The greatest city in the entire universe ever.

WOJAus “The City of Townsville: We keep telling you, it’s NOT a joke!”

Terrence Fairfield: We’re Fully Sick.

[Terms and Conditions]


    Black Moses: Can you dig it?

    Bringing jam to those who only have marmalade.

    to build, then destroy, and reparation on its way.

    Pose Land - "Strike a pose"

    In this city, when the clock strikes each hour, all citizens are required to "Strike a pose" regardless of what they're doing.

    "Where the weak are killed and eaten."

    Oh wait, that's already been taken... I'll go with:

    "Crime-free for [3] days"

    Dystopai: Becuase Dyslexics are teople poo

      ROFL, great answer! If it were up to me, you'd win :)

        Haha thanks. We both won yesterday anyway :D

        Hahaha, so I see we did! Cheer's Kotaku, David and Cities XL :) Am really looking forward to checking it out! :D

    heroesvill - where unitards bodysuits are not strange

    The 13th City: How deep does the rabbit hole go?

    SR388 - We just want to hug you... Promise...

    p.s i really hope someone gets that, or i'm going to feel old.

    Braideville - wear not as bad as you thynk

    "Free Range Humans"

    Oh I won on the first day, I was expecting to come back and think of something funnier! :P Thanks!

    For those too fat for Sim City

    City 17: Where the trains are ALWAYS just in time.

    Newzealandville - "Sheep only since 1997"

    PleasureTown: Where I take your mumma every night!

    Baconville XL: Five Degrees Connectivity, Six Degrees of Kevin.

    Paradise Isle: Where cars crash and drive themselves.

    Stinksville - "Garbage collection is every other day"

    alcoville : jack lives here - but you probably don't know him

    Detroit - motown on th MOVE!

    Cities XL - Where Cityrail doesn't exist!

    The Islands - Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. We are now The Islands.

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