LunchTimeWaster: When Pigs Fly

when-pigs-fly-picKill me. Now. Please.

You see, not only is When Pigs Fly maddeningly difficult by virtue of the way you die when your pig's wings touch any wall during flight. Which happened to me about every 1.5 seconds of play time.

But... whenever your pig dies (from touching a wall, from landing on a spike, from all manner of inevitable doom), it lets out a squeal so shrill and so ear-gratingly annoying you'll swiftly long for the soothing sounds of fingernails on a blackboard.

I hated this game but I urge you to play it. It's called empathy.

When Pigs Fly [Newgrounds[


    The pig noises are made by Anna's girlfriend/slave. Because that matters.

    "The S key just turns off the squealing"
    I liked this game btw :D

    I finished it in 15 minutes. Do I win something?

      My respect.

    WOO! I finally beat it.
    I beat the game in 12.54 minutes with 147 accidents. lol
    My arm hurts now...

    Record of my playtime -

    - Hey look a pig.
    - Wings! Hee, I'll just fly back out the hole.
    - Oh maybe I'll try that again.
    - wat
    -oh ok i'm meant to keep going
    - *cue degeneration into outbursts of expletives and curses at the pig*
    [about half an hour later]
    -Finally got past that goddamn last bit.. oh there's a few easy bits now.
    -Is that SKY?!

    This game was worth it just for the incomparable euphoria felt upon it's completion.
    You don't usually get that sort of satisfaction from a game these days!

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