Reader Review: Plants Vs Zombies

pvz1Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Tony does, as he gets all agricultural on that undead ass.

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This review was submitted by Tony Ngo. If you’ve played Plants Vs Zombies, or just want to ask Tony more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Plants Vs Zombies (PC)

Popcap's follow up to the ever popular and highly addictive Peggle franchise - Does it stand up to the test?

Loved Simplicity Vs Complexity - The game itself is straightforward and obvious, protect your home from zombie invaders. Don't expect a breeze through the main story however, as the constant and well paced introduction of new zombies, plant types and terrains offer new strategies and challenges

Flawless Design - A perfect example of artistic value against raw graphics power, the game oozes style - from the catchy theme song to the quirky and charismatic fellows you encounter, Popcap really know how to design a game that's easy on the eyes

Just... Another... Level - Like it's brother Peggle, you could waste hours on this game and not even realise it, perfect pacing and addictive game play couple up to make one of the most engrossing games on the current market

Something Different For Once - Who knew a game pitting plants against zombies would be a wonderful idea? Straying away from the typical design of current Tower Defence games, Plants Vs Zombies manages to separate itself from the crowd and brand itself a unique game in an otherwise clustered genre

Hated Err... What Happened To My Game? - Yes while a manual work around is available, the fact people have been encountering save data corruption and deletion is just down right annoying, considering some invest hours into it.

Keyboard Support - Okay so this is personal preference, and more like nit-picking but still, it would've been appreciated to have some type of hotkey support.

Ummm... Nothing else... No really - go out and BUY THIS GAME.

Reviewed by: Tony Ngo

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    i was relly dissapointed with the game thought it was going to be better

    My missus was addicted to this game!
    Never had bugs or issues though.
    The number of alternate game modes is great too. Keeps you playing well after the main game is over.
    Really great fun game!

    I'll be buying it as soon as it's out for the iPhone.

    This is still my official render game, ie when I'm waiting for something to render in ae or maya I'll boot PvZ up as it uses sweet fuck all resources. love it.

    I found it to become a bit formulaic in the end I had my set strategy and it offered little beyond that. THAT said it was an awesome ride and for the price you can't go wrong.

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