Students, Want To Learn What It’s Like To Make Video Games?

Students, Want To Learn What It’s Like To Make Video Games?

aie-logoThis Sunday, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment is holding its annual open day. Students thinking about a career in game development would do well to drop by.

Established in 1996, the AIE is arguably Australia’s leading educational institution in the fields of game development and digital arts and animation. The AIE open day is held at its Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra campuses between 10am and 4pm Sunday, August 16.

Speaking at the Melbourne campus will be Adam Briggs, art director from Big Ant Studios where he’s currently hard at work on an AFL game for PS3 and 360.

“It’s really important that people wanting a career in games develop their skills through practice and training which is kept current with video game industry needs” said Mr Briggs, who has also worked in the Melbourne studios Transmission Games and Firemint. “While being a lover of games is certainly beneficial, solid artistic and programming knowledge is a requirement to getting employment in the industry and crucial to development of products that are competitive in the current world market.”

Other studios available on the day to chat with include Iron Monkey Studios and Tantalus Media.

AIE National Open Day [AIE]


  • A few close friends of mine who have been to AIE haven’t had many good things to say. The teachers often don’t show for class and spend little time coasching students. Yes the classes are full of young kids straight out of high school who’s parents pay for them to waste thier time not showing up, but there are also teh genuine that want to be there. Teach yourself, there are a million tutes on the net. I did and have been employed in teh industry for 4 years.

    • I hear ya. most teachers at any games dev course are just former students. Most of which lack any lesson plan. this also leads to a great misunderstanding of what games companies are looking for and what these schools are telling you to produce. However for that person who wants to know how games are made, or what an engine is. Who hasn’t had any nerd friends. This is where you go. How to use the software and having skill can be self taught. by going to these places you get the best knowledge about getting into games.

  • Monash Uni used to have a gaming degree at the Berwick Campus but was integrated into the general IT degree I think.

    The library there is full of academic gaming books though, which has been a godsend for me as I am doing my theses on the industry :).

  • For those that come along there’ll be a couple of us former students there to talk to and we’ll be happy to tell you about our experiences. I thought AIE was one of the better options to get into the industry which is why I chose them and why I am volunteering my Sunday to talk to others considering the same (no we’re not getting paid, so yeah, I really think they’re worth it).

  • i’m a student at the new Sydney campus, and it has been one of the best things possible, my teachers show me everything i need, and were also left to our own devices when neccessary, ie when working on a project, it is a very company-centric environment.

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