The Pitch: Forza 3 Will Explore Your Passion For Cars

We asked Turn 10 Studios' John Wendl to sum up the Xbox 360's Forza Motorsport 3 in just one word.

The Pitch is where a developer has to answer five quick-fire questions about their game in just 25 words or less. It’s all about their ability to hone down their game to its bare essentials and tell us precisely why we should be interested.

And hopefully, it’s a bit of fun for you guys.

So, lets hand it over to Turn 10's content director and Forza series veteran, John Wendl. John, your time starts now!

Give me the Forza 3 elevator pitch. Beautiful graphics, epic content, thrilling & approachable gameplay and a vibrant online community make Forza 3 the definitive racing game of this generation. What sort of gamer is gonna dig Forza 3? We believe there is a passion for cars in everyone. Forza is the ultimate game to express and explore that passion.

What’s the first awesome thing I’ll do in Forza 3? Race a sexy new car, the Audi R8 V10, on a gorgeous new track set in Montserrat Spain.

What can I do in Forza 3 that I can’t do in any other game? Race, damage, paint and customise over 400 of the world’s hottest cars on over 100 tracks and then share your creations on Xbox LIVE. Describe Forza 3 in just one word. Epic.

Forza 3 is due out on October 23 for Xbox 360. How do you think John fared? Are you sold on his pitch for Forza 3? And how do you reconcile his choice of "epic" after Jeremiah Slaczka used the exact same one word to describe Scribblenauts?


    i wouldn't use epic to describe forza... he should have said "exhilarating"

    I think that would have been much more fitting...

    Scribblenaughts is epic - and this in comparison, just isn't...

    What would seal the deal for me is if that they confirm Bathurst track.

    (i still have my pre-order LCE @game anyway) :)

    Describe Forza 3 (and 1 + 2) in just one word.


    So was it ever confirmed that the screenshot of the V8 supercar was real?

    More excited about Gran Tourismo 5 personally.

    MY GOTY and I could'nt care less about what some PR guy has to say.

    Demo(hopefully)>Buy>Spare me any reading of the game reviews/impressions/promoting.

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