What Does Microsoft Have To Say About The PS3 Slim?

Sony are pretty chuffed with the new PS3 Slim. But what does Microsoft think? We asked them.

The PS3 will be $499 from next week and available in the new Slim edition the week after. This puts it right in the same price bracket as the Xbox 360 Elite, bringing into question the 360's value for money when you consider it doesn't have a Blu-ray drive (or built-in wi-fi).

Unsurprisingly, the spokesperson from Xbox Australia who responded to our request for comment on Sony's announcement doesn't think price is a major factor.

"Consumers, while looking at price as a purchase consideration, are after an experience that comes from getting their hands on compelling content when weighing up the best value option. Starting at $299, there’s a lot of great content exclusively on Xbox 360. Check out our exclusive games (like Halo ODST, Forza 3, Lips Number One Hits, Left for Dead 2, GTAIV Episode 2 and Shadow Complex to name a few), Xbox Movies on Demand, Facebook & Twitter. It’s all arriving before Christmas this year and gives our consumers even more reasons to use their console. We’re focused on extending the life of the console through the games and entertainment we deliver – not just the console hardware. It’s the reason why in 2009 we’re the fastest growing console in Australia."

Sure, the Arcade is still much cheaper than a PS3 and there is something to be said for the Xbox approach of allowing consumers to only pay for what they want to use. Don't want to go online? Don't pay for it. Don't want to watch Blu-ray? Don't pay for it. Though the flip side is that if and when you do want those extras, you will end up paying a premium for them.

But it's almost funny how closely this prepared statement resembles the type of comment we've been hearing from Sony until this week. This "console war" has just gotten a whole lot more competitive.


    Any comment from Nintendo? *snicker*

      Yes I found this comment from Nintendo on another site:

      We don't care. The casual crowd is all that we are after and they are suckers. For 2 1/2 years we've convinced them that they need a white plastic box to play inaccurate versions of things they can do in real life - like tennis or ten-pin bowling. And the best part is that we've been able to make them part with $400 for the priviledge of doing that.

      We dont even know what an XBOX 360 or a PS3 are? Are they some kind of calculator and toasting devices? We make casual games - correction - we made casual games. The last casual game we made was 2 years ago and that's still outselling everything else out there.

      Do you honestly think these other machines worry us? Not in the slightest. Why recently we introduced Wii Motion Plus - an adaptor for you Wii-mote that should have been included in the first place, but we thought we hold off for a few years - and in the future we might even think about releasing an expensive 10Gb HDD adaption or a new console that can do 576p "HD" graphics, but only when WE feel that is necessary.

      We dont know what an XBOX LIVE or a PSN is - they sound like diseases, but we do offer, for a limited titles, the ability to go online and share these rather convoluted and prehistoric codes with people that you know just so you can maybe play a game with them - or share a Mii character.

      And we're not sure what LIVE ARCADE is - that sounds rather dangerous and pointless to us, but we do offer "classic" and "exclusive" games available through the Wii Shop Channel that are priced rather handsomely. I mean - where else can you buy a digital copy of an N64 game for $15 (AU) and not have a manual or the ability to resell it? Nowhere else, thats for sure!

      And thats not it - sometime in 2010 we plan to release another very casual game that will include 5 or 10 mini-games - a compilation of the best mini-games of our other mini-game collections - on the one disc at an outrageous price of $109.95.

        This post is what happens when you go insane people.

        Thanks for the update...

        Of course Nintendo don't know what all that stuff is, they've been buried under a big pile of money for the last 2 1/2 years.

        DanDans, I found your post amusing. I'm assuming that you have a lot of time on your hands.

        Come to think of it, I have too much time on my hands, seeing as I read the whole post.

        very funny, and true


      I doubt Nintendo will comment... Unlike Sony and Microsoft they dont trash talk thier compeditors

    Hold on a minute. Didn't Microsoft spend most of the last 3 years telling us they had an advantage because of price points?

    And didn't Sony -- and every goddamned PS3 fanboy under the sun -- tell everyone that price wasn't an issue.

    And didn't Sony say the PS3 was "great value", and "better value" than the 360.

    What happened in the space of 2 days? The great value became even "betterer value"?

    Really, you do have to wonder about these spin doctors. They really will say any old garbage.

    Simple facts: both the Elite and PS3 have been overpriced. (So is the Wii, but that's another story.) The Arcade, Pro and Slim prices are reasonable for what you get.

    It's common knowledge that if you had to buy all the extras for an XBOX to have it comperable to a PS3 it would cost more than a PS3 plus you DON'T get Blu-ray or an internet browser.

    MS have to be concerned. A PS3 is still worth buying for the Blu-ray alone... almost.

    The PS3 is a very good piece of kit but my issues with SONY are it's pricing policy in PAL territories. MS need only drop the XBOX price again - which they will befor Xmas and SONY will be back to where they were.
    I think $399 would be the magic price in Australia for the PS3 but I doubt it will be that price in the near future.

    What makes me laugh if what SONY expect us to pay for the PSP - $50 less than a PS3... Hellooo? NO!

      What that actually shows is that the extra peripherals that MS sells are vastly overpriced.

      "It’s common knowledge that if you had to buy all the extras for an XBOX to have it comperable to a PS3 it would cost more than a PS3 plus you DON’T get Blu-ray or an internet browser."


      It's also common knowledge that not everyone needs "all the extras".


      With the PS3, you had no choice. You either paid for everything, or nothing. And how has that worked out for Sony, sales-wise, eh?

        look first of all if all console makers decide to go ms route nickel and dime people to death the game ind. shrink by 20% min i guarantee you i am so sick and tired of reading comments like yours.People wake up stop being pawns who likes being forced to pay premium price for hd/wifi and controllers for all consoles def overpriced period.Ive been playing games since atari2600 and to hear these companies preach how they have so much value to offer the consumer just pisses me off something fierce.Never mind the fact that what 20/30 % failure rate of the 360 and it still selling i mean what.... how can this be i guess my fellow americans are really stupid.take this example for instance and mind you its not the first time but the most recent i was standing in line @ gamestop on aug17th for madden release talkn to fellow gamers and the guy in front of me started chatn i asked him what console he buying it for he told me xbox asked him because i went through 2 how many he has been through he said 4 and i asked him point blank why of course he had no good answer for that but come on why do people just keep buying junk hey look i've been on live loved it but 2 consoles told me enough.I know for a fact if this was any other kind of device it would have lived a very short life but not the all mighty xbox. i cant believe americans buy into there propaganda but then again we did have bush for 2 terms.with that said i wonder how we became the nation we are but from recent events i cant see us being the almighty nation much longer thats for sure.

    Just on the note regarding how microsoft are trying to promote about facebook twitter and all that crap, it's already on PS3!!! Well not really, but it's accessible thru ps3's web interface. Easy peasy!

    And the exclusives... WTH Lips!? He's an idiot! that game is a copy of sing star and they can't even do it right!

    If he wants to talk about exclusives, he already lost, this holiday there are uncharted 2, demon's souls, GT5, Katamari Forever, Ratchet and Clank, White Knight Chronicles...

    Basically, microsoft spoke person doesnt know what he's talkin about... They're pretty much scared of this, but I'm sure they'll say otherwise.

      Obviously a business is only going to say good things about their own console. Any business. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot and say "oh what? The PS3 Slim is 500$? Struuuth. Hey Balmer, I quit!!"

      You did see Halo ODST in the list of exclusives right? Halo?

      Just making sure you saw that there when comparing it to the games in your list.

      Good thing Modern Warfare 2 isn't exclusive.

        You did see GT5 in the list of exclusives right? GT?

        Yea like the guy above/below me said, not only GT5, u DID see UNCHARTED 2, NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA and GT5 did you? DID you?

        fuck Microshit there garbage i have a Xbox360 n Halo ODST is crap too me n my gfs bro beat it in like 5 hours
        Get ur head out of microshits ass and see what there actualy doing...

    Not trying to flame.

    But I went into EB/GAME today and looked around at what games I'd actually want to play if I bought a ps3, the only exclusive appeared to be little big planet and valkyir chronicles...

      Err... Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Eternal Sonata, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the upcoming Uncharted 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...

      that's like over 10 games that are quite good and have won awards and NOT available on xbox360 or wii

        Eternal Sonata isn't exclusive. The PS3 version just has some extra content.

        i'm pretty sure blah2 said games he'd want to play. not games that you think are awesome and won awards...

        no offence to more than half the games you mention and i know many of them got awesome reviews, but i personally wouldn't buy them(i already own a ps3).

    Yes..ok..thank you microsoft.
    Now, what's your thoughts on the PS3 compared to the ELITE NOT ARCADE?!
    Typical corporate PR bullshit. Sidestep the issue then brag about what they have.

      At least he didn't attack the PS3. Sony have shown to happily outright insult the opposition time and time again...

    Microsoft's statement sounds more like 'We will get back to you after we drop our prices around Christmas'

    I just bought a 360 pro. It depends on what you want and need.

    I have a DVD collection, and im not sold on Bluray, i just dont see the need?
    I also do not need wireless because my house is smart wired.
    I do not need a big HDD either, I have a Gaming PC and a Wii, so im not going to have 10-12 games for my 360 for quite a long time.

    I found the 360 appeal was pretty much what the MS guy said. Games, and Friends. Most people who have consoles have a 360 not a ps3 and that was a big factor.

    The slim imo looks crap. If they had the fat version at $500 with backwards compatability then I would have got it but... yeah.

    Also in Aus, most stores are not even aware that the Fat Ps3 should be reduced in price in a week or 2. And they said they will have sold out anyways. I know JBHIFI Whitfords has sold out of PS3 until the slim comes in.

    Well of course its corporate PR bullshit, I'd surprised if they even knew anything about the industry they work in. The last time I watched an interview with a Nintendo PR person about the Motion plus, the Woman didn't even know what it was called.

    Who cares?! Thats a good answer.
    If you own a 360 or PS3, then whats the point in bitching about it. You own the console(s) so yeah be done with it.

    Why whinge and bitch that someone is dearer when you have both or one of them. They're not gonna turn around and say, "well we are worried because of the features compared to ours etc.."

    Just like you won't admit you got caught crying watching Titanic. Wahh wahh.. I own a 360 & PS3 - so for me, i don't give a crap about the prices cause i have one of each. The slim doesn't appeal to me cause my current does the same if not MORE than the Slim. I will be upgrading my Xbox soon but i don't give a rats arse what MS are responding with. Its just so funny watching everyone bitch about the others response to things. Its either PS3 fanboys bitching - you're obviously not going to get a 360 so why bitch about lack of "features" compared to your PS3 and vice versa!


    If MS are planning on releasing an Elite v2.0 and make the current Elite the standard with a Pro price, then the Elite 2.0 does need some more things done to it. Like Wi-Fi or a new Disc tray or some extra features. If they just release an Elite 2.0 with a 200GB+ HDD, then thats not going to be worth the price tag of being the most expensive console or the same price as the PS3 Slim. If they just keep the Arcade & whatever replaces the Pro, then thats fine.

    I like how they're still going on about Facebook and Twitter, when you can just open up the web browser in the PS3 and go wherever the hell you want. It's stupid at best to try and convince people it's a good thing, when your competitors have been giving it away since the dawn of the PS3...

    Xbox is still over priced for something that ends up being faulty half the time. And the amount of money you have to spend on all the extras so you can play online, have a wirelss connection, or even paying $40 for a cable to recharge the controller. Also, who the hell is going to use a console for facebook and twitter?

    Must we all argue over which is better, just be thankful there is competition and ps3 and xbox will make themselves better for it.

    And who cares if the ps3 slim is not as pretty as the fattie, it now has no scratches or fingerprints, i plan to get one when a combo comes out.

    well if i went into a store to buy a games console id be looking in the 360 section and sniggering at the lack of games in the ps3 section.games sell consoles im afraid,not wether its chunky or slim or if it tucks u up into bed at night.whoever said a ps3 is worth buying just for the bluray alone obviously needs to shop around abit more,they dirt cheap now.i dont need an internet browser i have a laptop incase u hadnt noticed.i just want to play quality games on a new 'games' console so microsoft have no worries about this ps3 slim.

    Another slim Sony console? Heh, they sure love their slim consoles, don't they?

    Elite 299$

    seperate blue ray player=200 dollars
    paying for online=50 dollars
    and wifi 99=dollars

    end price = 650$


    Sony hav a far beter line upof games as any ful kno

      In your opinion maybe; In my opinion the 360 has far better exclusives than the ps3. If it weren't for that reason I would definately buy the ps3 over a 360 any day. Alas, Forza 3 is exclusive to the 360 and not the ps3.

    im gonna buy a ps3 slim u all should 2 who cares if the elite is 299 its just not as good as the ps3

    god moneysoft are so full of themselves.
    if price is not such a big factor.
    why before the 360 price cut, was the ps3 was outselling the 360?
    than the 360 dropped its price TWICE here in oz and it started out selling the ps3?
    why are moneysoft so full of ^%$#.
    i cant believe a single word that comes out of their moth, i mean seriously price is not a factor?
    than why aren't Ferrari's flying of the line?

    I'm still cracking up about what the M$ spokesperson said! Twitter and Facebook? Movies on demand? Has anyone from M$ even PLAYED A PS3 OR PSP?!? Jesus...

    We have an internet browser, the video store - and not only on the Ps3, but on the PsP! I might as well be commenting on this from a Starbucks with my PsP. Also on the list of exclusives -Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are also on PC... Valve makes computer games, not console games... does no-one remember Half-Life?

    The Ps3 exclusives are far beyond the petty list the M$ guy laid out. We have/are going to have:
    LBP, ModNation Racers, Killzone 2, Resistance 1, Resistance 2, MGS4, InFamous, Fat Princess, Warhawk, Demon's Soul, FFXIII Agito, FFXIII Versus, FFXIV (also on PC), God of War 3, Dante's Inferno on the PsP, Motorstorm, and even more!

    Is it me, or are people acting like PS3 fanboys and purposely misspelling words and using bad grammar to prove some kind of silly point. I swear no one can believe some of the comments I have been reading on some of this gaming sites.

    Oh, how I miss gaming when it was simple and fun.

    I don't recall having to pay for Wifi to play. I don't know what you're smoking. I've seen the quality difference for Blu-ray, and you guys masturbate over how good it is, when it has a slight better picture. I could care less, I'd rather not pay $50.00+ just so I can watch DVD's. Also, I'm sure most people have a computer now-a-days, and they don't need to surf the web on the P$3.

      Um yes you do have to pay for wifi because the XBOX 360 DOESNT HAVE BUILT IN WIFI AS STANDARD!

        Don't be silly. Lots of people play without an online connection, lots of people play with an ethernet cable, and lots of people also use their laptop or other computer as a bridge.

        Hell, even most PS3 users are NOT connected to PSN, by Sony's own statistics.

        I know this may be confusing for you but there is this wonderful thing called an ethernet cable it's what people use to connect to the internet faster than wifi.


    Far out. Can't we all just play frigging games and be happy????? I have a PS3 AND a 360 and I enjoy using both of them. If I wanna have a movie night with friends, I'll hire a couple of Blu-Rays and we feel like we're at the cinema. If I wanna kill some Locust, on goes the 360. They both rock and I don't care if you all crucify me. I used to be a Sony fanboy, too, so ner :-P

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