Bargain Hunter: Wanna Trade Up To The New Xbox?

Bargain Hunter: Wanna Trade Up To The New Xbox?

The new Xbox 360 launches in Australia on July 1. It’s $449 to buy new. If you already a console, you might want to consider a couple of trade-in deals.

EB Games are offering “full trade in value” for your old 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS Lite or DSi to go towards the purchase of the new Xbox 360. Plus they’ll throw in a copy of Red Dead Redemption for free.

To put that into perspective, I called EB this afternoon to find out their current trade-in values:

Xbox 360 Arcade $59* Xbox 360 20GB $68* Xbox 360 60GB $78* Xbox 360 Elite 120GB $130 Xbox 360 Elite 250GB $180 PS3 40GB $110 PS3 80GB $220 PS3 Slim 120GB $290 PS3 Slim 250GB $340 PS2 $28 PS2 Slim $70 PSP $65 PSP Slim $95 PSP-3000 $130 Wii $140 DS $21 DS Lite $95 DSi $160 DSi XL $174

*Must be manufactured after 2007.

(Wait. They give you more store credit for a PS2 Slim than a 20GB Xbox 360! Really?)

It’s far more straightforward over at GAME where you can trade in either your 120GB Xbox 360 Elite or your 80GB PlayStation 3 and pay $199 for the new Xbox 360. A better deal – just – as long as you want to trade up from those consoles.

Anyone taking the bait?


    • $68 for the 20gb 360 is really low.

      I managed to trade in my 20gb console + two controllers and two fairly old games (guitar hero world tour and GTA 4) for $200 at Game just a few hours before Microsoft announced the new slim model. Guess I got in there just in time…

  • If I was ever going to trade in a ps3 at eb, just install a new HDD and get an extra $110 less cost of HDD.

    I wonder if my 40GB which is now a 160GB is worth $440?

  • I’ve been in the market for a 360 for a long time. But, I want to see how often this new model Red Rings. If it’s just as often as the other ones then I’ll go for the cheaper models. I’m guessing it will only be about 3 or 4 months before people know if the RRoD has been passed on.

    • Considering it has no red LED’s it will never red ring

      hardware failure? might be a different story….

      • Red, green, blue call it what you like. If this thing constantly dies, then any incentive I would have had to buy the new model is gone. So I may as well go for the console that will cost me the least right? I know 250 gigs is nice, but I’ve done fine so far with a 40 gig PS3 so a 120 gig 360 would be more than enough for me.

        • As Microsoft has been able to reduce the size of the 360’s CPU and GPU, the console’s reliability has improved enormously. The most recent Elites have nothing like the failure rate of the launch consoles, and this new Xbox should be even better.

  • So they are doing the data transfer in store? Yeah right

    I’m pretty sure my 20Gb Xbox was made pre-2007 so I don’t think I even get a choice. At least I know the price point to aim for on eBay if it isn’t relegated to the second TV as a media extender.

  • No way! I bought a xbox 360 elite bundle for $249 as part of the clearance sale – and thats just fine by me thanks 🙂

  • I called GAME up here in Brisbane, I own a Xbox 360 Pro 60GB. and they told me that the trade in value is $160 – $175!!! Then I rang up EB and found out about there trade and asked them if they matched prices, they said they couldn’t match up to GAME. Looks like I’ll be going to GAME for a trade in.

  • I’m going to Game, but that’s not all.

    I’m also bringing back a spare 120GB hard drive, one of the new wireless adapters, a controller, a chatboard, a wireless headset and a couple of games… and as I’ve already got the data transfer cable, they’ll let me do the transfer in store provided I teach them how to do it so they can do it for others.

    Gotta find out the price on the new black accessories though.

  • $130 for my 120GB Elite? Game is giving me $249. Haha, good luck EB!

    If you’re going to trade up, go to Game for sure!

      • Indeed, but to be double fair I already picked that game up from GAME for free with their straight swap deal…

        • people honestly wonder why game are going bust… and they are willing to offer $249 for an elite… and jb are selling them new for $249. ok, now you all get on here and whinge about eb’s pricing etc, but i think the reason eb are so succesful is that they don’t charge unrealistic prices. they price match, sure. but they don’t sit there and offer the same price to trade as someone is selling it for new. that is just stupid. so when game disappear in a few months, don’t blame eb. realistically, it’s your fault for taking advantage of their stupid trade bait that you so love.

          • Yep, I actually talked to one (EB salesman) yesterday and recommended me to go to GAME, but he said make sure that it’s the actual price they are going for because they are actually losing $80. and thats just for my 60GB just think how many dollars they’ll lose for an Elite and a PS3.

  • I pre-ordered the new Xbox today from GAME, with the trade-in 120GB Elite deal. Best deal I’ve seen, and I need wireless anyway. 😀

    I also checked out EB’s deal, they offered $130 with RDR or a $50 deposit on Kinect. Pretty sucky deal honestly.

    Also, apparently there’s very limited stock, according to EB staff… /shrugs

  • I think I’ll just stick with my old 20GB 360, since $68 is horrible (and I don’t want to think of what they’ll do to the poor thing).

  • so we can buy the $299 120gb 5 games bundle and then trade the console for $250 and get the new 360 for $199 and you get to keep the 5 games

  • I was briefly looking through some trade in prices and thinking yeah that seems pretty fair. Then I relised those prices are not what you pay for the upgrade it’s what EB will give you for your old console…

  • I wonder how much I can get from a Halo 3 special edition Xbox 360? or does it just count as a Xbox 360 20gb?

  • Doesnt anyone realise that the reason GAME is having a massive sale and can possible do this deal is that they are mostly shutting down! I wouldnt trust their store credit or trade in values. EBgames wont price match cause they are shutting down and they are just getting rid of stock so they dont hav to deal with excess stock

  • “A better deal – just – as long as you want to trade up from those consoles.”

    To be fair, we are taking any console towards the new 360. Just those two get you extra credit.

  • Haha that is sooo bad, but what can you expect from EB? Pack of greedy bastards the are.

    Even $200 from GAME is alot to pay for something that does the same thing.. I have a 120GB Jasper manufactures sept 09 so I will not be swapping over. This one does the job perfectly and $200 is too much to pay.

  • Picked up the JB deal; an elite with ODST and Forza (neither of which I had) for $249 so there is no way I’m going to be trading up to the new console. I’m hoping to wait out the current gen consoles with my elite.

    Btw does anyone know what would happen if it red rings in a couple of years (and hence is covered by MS’ 3 year red ring warrant)? Would they still be repairing elites in 1-3 years or would they just be upgrading to new consoles?

  • I have a white 360 that I bought a 120 gb hard drive for, so does that count as an elite or what?

    • It counts as OLD SCHOOL AWESOME, that’s what!

      I too have this set-up. I’m not sure I can be bothered to upgrade…maybe.

  • Hey guys,

    For anyone picking up the new console on the 1st, Harvey Norman have it on sale for $398. I’ll be price matching it at eb, plus trading in a console to score my free copy of RD:R

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