Why Isn’t Ashes Cricket 2009 Coming To Wii?

Why Isn’t Ashes Cricket 2009 Coming To Wii?

Codemasters is releasing Ashes Cricket 2009 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in Australia this week. But it’s not coming to the most popular console.

In fact, a Wii version is not even listed on the upcoming release schedule supplied this week by Codemasters’ Australian distributor, Namco Bandai Games.

Which is odd… because Ashes Cricket 2009 is getting released on Wii in the UK this week, alongside all the other versions.

When asked what happened to the Wii version in Australia, Namco Bandai told us it would be “released later in the year closer to our summer of cricket.”

When we asked why they chose to delay the Wii version, specifically, Namco Bandai rather cryptically suggested that it wouldn’t be called Ashes Cricket. It would appear the Wii version may, in fact, be localised under a different title.

Recently, Codemasters has attached the names Ricky Ponting and Brian Lara to their cricket sims. While a decade ago, the series was called Shane Warne Cricket. Looks like we can expect to see the Wii version receive a similar endorsement makeover when it arrives in November.

Shane Warne Cricket for Wii, anyone?


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