WIN! A Copy Of Sacred 2 On PS3

Sacred 2 is a massive, sprawling, vast and possible enormous Diablo-style RPG. It came out on PC a while back and is this week arriving on console. Who wants to win a copy?

UPDATE: Tuesday's draw is now closed. To win a copy of Xbox 360 go here. A second PS3 copy will be given away on Thursday.

Today we have one PS3 collectors edition of Sacred 2 up for grabs, thanks to distributor Madman Interactive. And for the rest of this week we'll be giving away one more copy each day, another PS3 copy on Thursday while Wednesday and Friday are Xbox 360 days.

RPGs are all about questing, adventure and the life of your character. Your character journal or quest log is the record of that life.

To be in the running to win, I want you to write a journal entry of your quest to win this competition. The most creative, imaginative, funny and/or well-written prose will win. I'm not going to set any word limit on this, but... just don't go nuts, ok?

Leave your entry in the comments between now and 2pm tomorrow when the next post goes up.

Good luck!

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    I suck at writing stories...I'll give it a go for the 360 version.

    I had heard rumours of competitions to win items of great value. In the past I had always scrounged for months and even years to find the money and will to purchase such items. Many times the quest had failed. However, one day news came from my brother of a place where sacrifices were made to the god of luck, a place where one could speak and sometimes be heard. A new Zanadu had been found, and my guide pointed the way. At last, Sacred 2 was on offer. All I needed was to be heard, to be favoured by the gods of luck, the gods of Kotaku. I retreated to my desk, sat down, and asked, “Wilt though consider me?” And so I wait, in the dark, in fear. Will my quest come to me? Or will my fate lead me out, to take issue with my brother for falsely raising my hopes. It would all be revealed soon, too soon.

    Quest: Win a copy of Sacred 3.

    2:25pm - Just woke up , brushed my teeth and feeling hungry. Kitchen has no food that will satisfy my hunger, I return to my computer...

    2:30pm - Bored and hungry, I decide to browse some web pages until my stomach gives out or eats it self.

    2:35pm - Nothing new or entertaining, decided to head over to kotaku for daily inspection of any hot news and releases. To my amazement "WIN! A Copy Of Sacred 2 On PS3" was staring at me on the front page!!!

    2:40pm - Sitting here, looking at the comment box for 5 minutes thinking of what to write. Stomach growls, brb going for a smoke.

    2:45pm - Pondering still, been a while since I have thought this hard. Decided to google "how to write a epic journal". Wiki gave me 8 steps to a hektik journal entry, cbf'ed, too much effort.

    2:50pm - Really hungry now, decided to make some mi goreng after this. ZzzzZ I'll just buy the game if i don't win.

    Day 34: David Wildgoose has tasked me with gathering 1 Shrubbery. I should speak to him once I have a aquired it.

    Day 23, 11:13am - Some guy with a large glowing "!" asked me to come talk to him. It seems he has an aversion to bears because he has asked me to go kill EXACTLY 20 of them and take their fur. Perhaps he is cold, but there has to be an easier way to get warm right? Oh well he is giving me a sweet sword for my troubles. Which begs the question, why doesnt he take that obviously awesome sword and do it himself, or help me out and give me the sword to do this for him? Also, who buys a sword they cant use. Oh well.

    Day 23, 11:50 am - Killed 20 bears and gave this strange guy his bear pelts. Now when i try and talk to him again he just ignores me. Whats with that?!?!

    Day 25, 3:21 pm - A mage asked me to help him out with a quest. I gladly accepted because its quite lonely out here.

    Day 25, 3:22pm - After spending a whole minute with this guy it seems i was better off alone. He thought it would be a good idea to run at 5 groups of wolves screaming "LEEEEROY JEENKINS!". Not sure why he is screaming his own name so loud but i cant think much about that now, im too busy running for my life as now all 5 packs of wolves are after me.

    Day 31, 10:45pm - Woke up to the sight of a large blue man placing his "love sack" on top of my head screaming "Pwned!". Not sure what he means but i cant imagine how this is constructive, or polite. I asked him to stop, at which time he turned around and ran away. I cant sleep now because all i see when i close my eyes is blue "love sack" in my face.

    Day 40, 8:30am - Finally found a city. Seems to be teeming with life.

    Day 40, 8:40am - Im not sure what everyone else here likes, but i dont like how everyone here is asking to "run me through a lowbie instance". Aside from the fact i dont know what that means, i dont know these people. I dont think they have the right to ask me for things when i dont know then or when they arent even polite about it. Oh it seems he is giving me something......

    Day 40, 8:42 - Im leaving. Giving me a [Broken I.W.I.N Button] is not something anyone wants.

    Day 41, 5:15pm - This whole "alone" thing is working out well! Apart from the odd person with a weird "!" or "?" on their head, its nice just roaming about seeing the sites. I also have some pretty cool stuff now too.

    Day 42, 6:30 am - It seems i have been hypnotized or something, because i am standing naked on a floating island with nothing on and all my stuff gone. I cant even get off this floating island! Im not sure how this happend, i just woke up here. Oh well atleast the view is good.

    Day 42, 9:10am - It seems people around here find it funny to mock me, rather than being decent folk and helping me down. I hate this place.

      -It seems the ending didnt get posted-

      Day 42, 10:49pm - Some odd purple writing appeared telling me i had won a copy of Sacred 2 on "PS3". Im am now annoyed, frustrated, and highly confused. What the hell is a "PS3", and ive never heard of "Sacred" let alone the second one. Why couldnt i have won a ladder?

        A little too over the top...

    This contest seems really fun. I'd do it if it wasn't a PS3 copy :(

    Day 258

    The cereal was soggy this morning.

    As I sit here once again, alone, at my desk, feigning work, I find myself pondering - will this attempt be... The One?

    She doesn't notice me from behind her horn rimmed spectacles. I don't think she even knows I exist at all. Perhaps I don't. Or perhaps, I just need a win, a single shining moment where I can stand up and proclaim "Look! Look how I have won this Sacred game!"

    Like all the days that have come before, I cling to that hope, that maybe today is the day. The day I win not only a copy of the game Sacred 2 for PS3, but with that, I may also win... her heart.

    If not... well there's always Michelle in accounting... I hear she's into Assassin's Creed.


    Day 15.

    I had just seen where my entry came in the great Capcom Man vs Beast battle. It had come close to victory and I was extremely pleased.
    As I was travelling in the distance was a shimmering light at the end of the Cave of Creativity. I rushed towards it, my trusty pen and paper hand.
    At the exit was a man with a map to the legendary metropolis known only as Kotaku.
    If I could reach this city and note down my quest along the way I could be rewarded with a disc that could be played on a PS3 containing all my adventures rendered in high definition.
    How I longed to claim this prize.
    I set up camp and would be hiking out in the morning.

    Day 16.

    I pulled together my belongings that were spread around the cave, grabbed my map to Kotaku and set off.
    Before long I was in the land of Good Game, a great place to restock and rest up. While the inhabitants were friendly I realised that if I stayed much longer I would never leave it's comfortable community.
    As I exited I saw the giant glimmering K in the background, I knew I was drawing near.
    Not 2 hours later I was standing at the bottom of it. The Metropolis of Kotaku, filled to the brim with information and knowledge others could only dream about.
    I walked to the top of the stone cold steps and into the Temple of David, my fate now in his hands and the reward of Sacred 2 in the balance.

    Checking Kotaku for the 7th time today, I was happy to see there were some new posts added since the 6th visit. The site brought me information so quickly and in such a compact method, that I often marveled at the glorious age I lived in.

    Twas only a few years ago I dreamed of such a life, but there it was, sitting right in front of me, the chance to take my questing into yet another realm, and once again prevail as the master of gaming. I talk about it like it is a bore, however the truth is I revel in the feeling of power I get from such Pwnage.

    Upon seeing the competition based post, I felt a moment of excitement. Could this be the world that finally defeats me? HA! Such a foolish thought for one so powerful.....however.

    No, it is silly to think that I would be unable to defeat the realm of Sacred 2. I mock anyone who would think otherwise. Whats that? YOU David? You dare to question my ability? With all the gaming knowledge you possess, you still question me? Well we shall have to see about that. Send me this realm, and I shall be more than happy to prove you wrong.......

    Quest: Thinking outside the box
    Character: Socio-schema-freakus
    (he is a sociopathic elf who creates schemes
    to obtain things)

    3:57pm - As I sat there pondering as to how I might acquire the new & all wondrous Playstatious game Sacred 2, I had an epiphany: why not simply go to the baby and just snatch the candy? By that of course I mean rob the Kotaku office and flog the game....Why sit here writing retarded emotive journal entires that people are most likely sighing at?

    4:00pm - as someone who tries to think outside of the box, I allowed myself to stew on the thought for three minutes: taking candy from a baby rather than trying to persuade the mindless slot child to just give it to me....Why waste the time?
    I could probably be in my den getting pissed on skooma and dreaming up more shit so I can scam and manipulate bloggers into coughing up random entertainment products that I can then fence. But again, couldn't I just grab a goat and threaten to kill it if the farmer refuses to hand over the dice?

    4:09pm - ok I've decided to sit on the fence. I'm as stoned as a maggot from too many skoomer cones, so if I can persuade the author to hand over the product, cool, if not I'll just smoke some speed cones and dash into the office like a mad c*** and take it, leaving a fresh dump under Dave's desk. Either way it's mine.

    Your move.
    Socio-schema-freakus is watching.

    woke up this morning
    bed is too hot to sleep in
    time to get some food

    distracted by laptop
    RSS feeds are bulging
    girlfriend watching news

    cereal boring
    koshie's head shines in my eyes
    oh look, late for work

    work PC is on
    check email, mash delete key
    secretly check blogs

    batman game next week
    oh crap boss is walking up
    quick, take coffee break

    talk games between jobs
    coworker hooked back on wow
    not much sympathy

    relieved for lunchtime
    read pride prejudice zombies
    entertaining yarn

    kotaku posts comp
    write up haiku-based entry
    good enough to win?

    Today 0900: I awoke with a start, the sound of footsteps approaching my bedroom door. A shadowy figure entered the room, ordered me to my feet, pushed me out of my room and slammed me into my seat at the dining table. Here I was, eyes still half closed, enjuring the pain of breakfast. I poured the entire box of my choice cereal into my bowl, then slopped on the full cream milk. My health now fully replenished, I set out onto the street, an appointment with the dentist a first priority.

    The dentist is very nice, but after she stuck that whopping needle in, I'm not so sure... It didn't put me to sleep, but I don't remember much else...

    I arrive home, and check my Twits page. Ooh, looky, a new comp from kot_au!

    I immediately get to work on my entry, finishing right about here-

    Day 1. Think of creative, un-clichéd idea
    Day 2. ???
    Day 3. Profit

    P.S. I don't deserve it, give it to clawster.


    Tuesday, 25th August 2009

    4:48pm - Came home and quickly logged onto my favourite website Kotaku. I then noticed that David Wildgoose (my favourite author in the history of the world) had written a new article. I then read through the article from start to finish and sat pondering on what to write about. I figured that I don't even have the slightest chance of winning but I shall enter anyway.

    Saturday, 29th August 2009

    2pm – Went on Kotaku to find out the results of the competition. I didn’t win. But got a copy of all the winning results for the competition.

    2:01pm – Cried.

    6:01pm – Dinner.

    6:30pm – Cried some more.

    9:49pm – Ran out of tears so I pretended to cry by throwing water on my face.

    3:01am – Grew a pair and manned it up. I then decided to stop crying/pretending to cry and to build a time machine.

    Friday, 24th July 2020

    4:20pm – Time machine is finally complete.

    5:32pm – Travelled back in time to August 25th, 2009 at 2:00pm.

    Tuesday, 25th August 2009 (again)

    2:00pm – Posted an entry to the competition identical to the one that had won it, before it had even been posted.

    Saturday, 29th August 2009 (again)

    2pm – Went on Kotaku to find out the results of the competition. Still lost.


    Day 1014. I have no idea which month, let alone year, I'm in now.

    I'm so sick and tired of doing all sorts of errands to win things off people. That cranky old lady neighbour of mine... what's her name - Mrs O'Duck or something like that - has asked me for the five hundredth and seventy-sixth time to fetch her a bucket of water from the town's only working tap because she can't be bothered getting up from her worn rocking chair to do so. And every time, she rewards me with some grass to mix weight-loss drinks with.

    Day 1039. I haven't written in this damn journal for twenty five days.

    A local boy whom I swear I've never seen in the one thousand and thirty nine days I've been living here came up to me and asked me to get rid of some gigantic cockroaches that infested his home's garden.
    Now I've got cockroach legs all over me! Thanks a lot.

    Day 1040.

    Something more worth winning has turned up!
    Now, don't laugh.
    Sacred 2!
    My goodness, I almost jumped out of my pants when I heard.
    Well, now I'm going to write things feverishly in my diary just to make sure I have a chance.

    Day 1040.

    You know, I might as well have used Twitter for this... Microblogging would be much better than doing this.

    Day 1040.

    I call up the Kotaku head offices after work. They refuse to listen to a death threat and instead pass me off as a joke.
    I must not cry. I'm a man. I must not cry.

    Day 1041.

    My coworker just suggested that I write a love letter to David Wildgoose and fill it with poetry. I can't write poetry, but I've sent the letter anyway.
    Crossing my fingers and toes.

    Day 1042.

    This will be the very last time I enter a competition of any kind.
    I've put another letter in the mail.
    And this time it's going to be unpleasant. I hope. Are roses unpleasant?

    8th July, 1942

    Into hiding - where would we go, in a town or to the country, in a house or a cottage? These were questions I was not allowed to ask, but I couldn't get them out of my mind. Margot and I began to pack some of our most vital belongings into a school satchel. The first thing I put in was this diary, then hair curlers, handkerchiefs, school books, a comb, old letters; I put in the craziest things with the idea that we were going into hiding. But I'm not sorry, memories mean more to me than dresses.

    Day 50: I awoke at the inn to see my temple guardian party member in the shower, the water streaming down his decaying abs. I couldn't help but think of what it'd be like to have that ontop of me.

    Day 51: I'm somehow pregnant.

    | Quest for the Gold |
    | Joshy206 |
    | Day 1: |
    | |
    | 0600: |
    | Got up, got dressed |
    | |
    | 0614: |
    | Is that a cute little doggy? I'll go get him.|

    Yeah, that was the last message

      Dang, it was meant to look like a ripped off piece of paper :P

    Sacred 2 Ps3 quest.

    Good morning, Art. i think it is time for you to check the interwebs. You shall find on Kotaku a competition to be won. You need to create a quest for Kotaku so you can win Sacred 2 considering that you have no games for your ps3.

    I walked 7 kilometers from school to my house i feel like a hero. That was my quest. Oh, it was raining and storming.

    Didn't think this through, and i don't know why i should win. I thought we had to write a quest.

    25/08/09-0900: Kotaku
    25/08/09-1000: YouKotaku
    25/08/09-1100: iKotaku
    25/08/09-1200: e-Kotaku
    25/08/09-1300: KotakuGET
    25/08/09-1400: Kotakustation
    25/08/09-1500: Kotaku 360
    25/08/09-1600: Wii Kotaku
    25/08/09-1700: Kotaku DS
    25/08/09-1800: Kotaku Portable
    25/08/09-1900: KotakuKotaku Revolution
    25/08/09-2000: Kotaku Otaku
    25/08/09-2021: Sacred 2 Kotaku

    Today I arose to find my Grandmother leaning over me like an assasin ready to pounce. Seems as though she wanted me to complete a group of tasks before I could leave this area and be joined with my princess.

    The Quest had me cleaning pots and pans from last night feast. Cleaning the floors and the courtyard surrounding the establishment. Finally she allowed me to leave once I had gained her favor.

    I hurried some the road the the world map and set a course for my fair maidens land. Travelling by foot I had the chance to take in the sun and the fresh air before I made my way into her den of LCD screens and gaming consoles.

    On arrival I was greated with a warm imbrace and merry banter about what was coming. You see, over the years of questing and fighting I have gained many expiriance points. Bringing me to level 20, high enough to look after myself and drink ale in these lands but not beyond my home borders.

    Tonight will be the night I accend to a higher level of being. From midnight onwards I shall be level 21 and after the ringing of the *DING* sound, I will be able to drink ale anywhere on our fair planet.

    Heres to grinding to the next level.

    Tuesday, the 25th day of August.

    I glared wearily at the Kotaku news page, I knew there wasn't much time left, a man can only stay awake for so many hours. As I scrolled and skimmed through the recent articles looking for headlines that caught my eye I saw it, there it was. All in caps, "WIN" the title exclaimed. I admit that I was intrigued, I had to know more. With a middle click the news item opened in a new tab, adding it to the evenings reading.
    Some time, and many lines of text had passed when it caught my eye again, "WIN!" I switched to the tab and started reading. To my amazement therein lied not a competition, nor a challenge, but a quest. The reward, 'Sacred2 Fallen Angel' for the Playstation 3. A "Diablo-style RPG" the article boldly claimed. I couldn't help but scoff at the notion.
    "Could anything truly be compared to the Diablo! They must be mad!" I thought. Keeping an open mind I had to read on. Kotaku hadn't let me down yet, and I wasn't going to give up on them now. After all, it was only recently that the PS3 slim was nothing more than rumor.
    My tired eyes continued reading, my mind wanting more answers, "What is this quest you speak of?" I thought. I was horrified to find that the quest had a written component. I had been in similar situations many times before, It was a tough task, I wasn't sure if I was up to it.
    All of a sudden a thought occurred to me, was it also coincidence that this quest was posted only 10 days shy of the expected launch of the Playstation 3 slim? It wasn't clear to me, but the one thing was certain, my pre-order for the console had been placed. Perhaps this could be it, this may be the first title, my first opportunity to game, on the latest console.
    The chances appeared slim, the stakes were high, what did I do? What else could I have done, I swiftly opened my notepad and started composing my response to this epic quest.

    Action >> North

    You arrive in Kotaku

    There are exits to the North, South & West

    Action >> Examine Kotaku

    You look at Kotaku, there seems to be a post titled: "WIN! A Copy Of Sacred 2 On PS3"

    Action >> Win Competition

    Congratulations you have won a copy of Sacred 2 for the PS3, you place it in your Ring of Holding.

    Action >> Say "Woohoo"

    You say, "Woohoo".

    Journal Entry:
    King Darvid, your mentor on the winding journey called life has suggested that you attempt to solve a dispute over the ownership of a 'sacred' goose a mysterious animal he procured and found after his conquests in the lands of Kutako.

    Darvid provided you with a suggestion, namely to return to him with what must surely be an epic describing his exploits which will be sung of and recited within his majesty's very own royal halls until kingdom come.

    You left on a journey of self discovery in order to gather ideas, to put into verse which took only the better part of one evening. During the time you spent sitting on one spot this is all you could come up with:

    Oh Darvid tamer of thy gamer masses set forth a great challenge.
    During one of his conquests he foundeth the sacred goose when he stumbleth in a puddleth of muddleth, to which he raised a toast in praised.
    A goose, why, not another creature existed that was of nobler nature other than man.
    From his perch upon his throne, Darvid, generous as only he can be proposed the deliverance of the goose into different hands.
    Oh how generous can one be to gift such value to a stranger though alas I must admit that a human of lowly stature such as me, unfortunately lack the means of which to house the goose.

    Darvid was highly impressed by the length of attention span and effort exhibited in your epic and granted that you would know his judgement within the a day. That is not to say that you would receive the goose but take into consideration your entry.

    Darvid vacates his throne in order to retire to his chambers. You have done all you can to convince Darvid. The decision rests within his hands.

    You retire to bed to await his final decision tomorrow.

    August 25th-
    Just woke from a dream, i was role-playing trying to fill in a diary entry for the character i was playing-he was a poet and i could see from the entries in the diary he wrote beautiful prose. I woke up with flames in my eyes and ice in my heart for a few brief moments i became the poet, the tattooed clock on my back was ticking i had to make a diary entry for this contest.

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