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As we leave the desolate winter behind, games are finally starting to get released. The most notable of which is obviously The Beatles: Rock Band.

It's been a long wait for a new Rock Band after we missed out on Rock Band 2. While there's still no explanation as to why Australia never saw the sequel - and, believe me, I've tried to get that question answered - at least we're getting The Beatles at the same time as the rest of the world. Which is great, unless you don't like The Beatles.

Also worth mentioning are the AFL and NRL games coming to PSP and Champions Online hits the PC. What are you planning to pick up this week?

New releases for the w/c September 7:

AFL Challenge (PSP) What Is It? Aussie Rules sim developed in Melbourne and exclusive to the PSP. Should You Care? Haven't seen a review copy so I can't say if it's any good, but if your team missed the finals then this is probably a good fix.

The Beatles: Rock Band (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? Rock Band with 45 songs by The Beatles, plus some extra Beatles-y bonuses. Should You Care? Beatles fans need this; non-Beatles fans don't.

Champions Online (PC) What Is It? Superhero themed MMO from the developer of superhero themed MMO City of Heroes. Should You Care? Mixed reports on the beta suggest you should wait. Always a good idea with any new MMO anyway.

Imagine: Detective (DS) What Is It? "Use your sharp sixth sense and investigative skills to clear your school from bullies and your town from bandits." Should You Care? Only if you're a 10-year old girl.

Imagine: Teacher School Trip (DS) What Is It? "Care for your pupils while they are away from their parents so that they are the happiest they can be." Should You Care? Only if you're a 10-year old girl.

Ready Steady Cook (Wii, DS) What Is It? "On Wii multiplayer mode, 2 players can participate - Red Tomato vs Green Pepper." Should You Care? Only if you understand the relevance of the above quote.

Rugby League Challenge (PSP) What Is It? NRL sim developed in Melbourne and exclusive to the PSP. Should You Care? Again, not seen code so I can't make a call. I'll refer this one back to the ref.

Singstar Motown (PS3, PS2) What Is It? Another month, another Singstar game. This time it's - wait for it - Motown! Should You Care? Check the track list and get back to me.


    :( 2 weeks till halo

    Should I still care about the Imagine games if I'm a 12-year old girl?

      You appear to be dyslexic.

        Don't make fun of the disabled.

          I shall refrain from making fun of the side bald.

            Leave bald people alone.

    I would still very much like to know how this ends up looking on the Wii. World Tour looked like ass on the Wii. Well, I don't know how many people have jagged and blocky asses, but that's what World Tour looked like. I'll be buying Beatles Rock Band, but I swear it better not look like ass.


      I'd play the game on Sunday. They had it out for the Wii at Dicksmith.
      Graphics were fairly good. A bit jagged but still cool.
      I'm definitely getting it on Day 1 on ps3. =D
      2 days left!

    They pimped rockband beatles out last night on national nine news.

    You appear to be dyslexic too Dave:

    "Rugby League Challenge (PSP)
    What Is It? NRL sim developed in Melbourne and exclusive to the PSP."

    See anything wrong with that? :P

      Nope. Nothing at all.

        Your ninja skills are admirable, but I saw the original post :P

    The instruments released with Rock Band 2 are apparently way better than those released with Rock Band 1, as far as American reviews are concerned I think.

    The fact we didn't get RB2, will we have to just use the RB1 Instruments if we get the game only?

      Yeah I'm fairly sure you do, I personally plan to get the pack for the better drums, an extra mic and the better guitar and sell my old drums and the crappy 3rd party guitar I have.
      Can't wait!

    FYI Champions Online is surprisingly stable at launch for a MMO.

    Much better than Age of Conan was, that's for sure!

    There has been some downtime, but it's mostly been when I've been at work, so not really annoying, but they've given everyone an extra day of time anyway.

    I've had a few crashes but only after playing the game and then messing with the options, but my PC is flaky as it is.

    CO has been available on Steam since the 1st, so I've been playing it for the last week.

    Frankly the people who are complaining the loudest are the min/maxers whose powergaming characters made during the early start weekend (apparently that's enough time to hit the level cap for some!) were nerfed by the launch day patch, which essentially changed it from "easy to solo every enemy in the game" to "need to group to take on the hardest bosses". Boo freakin' hoo.

    There are real problems with the game (lag, clunky interface etc), but it's still great fun. I've found all the people playing it are very friendly and it's easy to find people to group with, a lot friendlier than some other MMOs I've tried.

    any word on an au release date for muramasa? Rising star's web site isn't very helpful.

    btw welcome to Kotaku Tracey. Will you be Kotaku's resident pokemaniac or do you save that for Hyper?

    I'm with Michael. I SEE WAHT YOU DID THAR DAVID.

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