The Beatles: Rock Band Bundle Not Available At EB In Australia

The final Australian pricing and availability of The Beatles: Rock Band is now confirmed. You'll only be able to get the full band bundle at four retailers, none of them EB Games.

JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Gamesmen and GAME are the four stores carrying the full band bundle with all the replica Beatles instruments. In line with last month's pricing reveal which saw JB Hi-Fi listing the bundle at $349, the recommended retail price is $369.99.

The software-only version will retail for $89.99 on PS3 and 360 and for $79.99 on Wii. It will be stocked at all retailers.


    Wonder if that is EB not wanting to stock it and betting on Guitar Hero and DJ Hero - or EA being bastards.

    Funny how this is out before Rock Band 2 though...

      EB don't like having to dedicate the kind of shelf space required.

    I'm going to be so poor.

      P.S. poorness due to this, all the October releases and new RB dlc

    EB is becoming more and more selective on what it carries every day!

    How the heck they can ignore the beatles is beyond me, me thinks their may be some sort of incentive from Activision ......

    oh hang on, isn't the goggle stupid edition of modern warfare 2 exclusive to EB, guess we know why now

      is it exclusive? I ask because JB had no problem taking my pre-order for the prestige edition...

    Preordered this two weeks ago at game. The pricing isnt really brand new news. Although im pretty sure that we wont be getting all their instruments for 369 bucks. isnt john and george's guitars separate?

    Not surprising really. When Rockband 1 was finally released in Australia, EB were hardly stocked with it. I think there's more support and public knowledge about Guitar Hero, so they're taking the safe bet with that one.

    Will my Guitar Hero guitar work with this game or did they stop the cross-functionality?

    I got mine with Guitar Hero 3 (Wii). Needless to say I am not confident.

    Thanks in advance.

      Its cross compatible.

    apparently guitar hero world tour guitars work but not those prior

    EB stocked Rock Band bundles at every store. Some still have their original stock as customers simply preferred the newer Guitar Hero World Tour. It sold so bad, and took up so much space, that they likely don't want to gamble with that again.

      Aaron is closer to the mark then the rest of you. Rock Band sold very few copies as opposed to Guitar Hero and the majority of customers still prefer Guitar Hero over Rock Band.

        Yeah, that's pretty much spot on, anyone that ordered it early on (ie the biggest fans) apparently will be guaranteed their copy, but not for walk in customers.

    I'm surprised they're releasing this here at all, considering they're a little late with the release of RB2... In any case, I'm not exactly a fan of the Beetles anyway, so here's another game I'll add to the list of things I won't be buying any time soon...

    EB Games will only take pre-orders on the full bundle. If you don't pre-order it, you'll miss out.

    But I'm sure you could find it at another store.

      Huh? So the story above is wrong? If EB isn't one of the four, how are they taking pre-orders on it? I was there (EB) today and the pre-order they had was actually for a Beatles bundle with third-party guitars. Maybe that's what you're thinking Owl?

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