(Voice Of) Mario Finds His Princess


    She looks amazing. However, I think the Peach and Daisy from the Melbourne event looked a little better, if only because there are two of them.


    haha I work there, got my stuff signed by him. There was a HOT Peach there that SHOULD have won but oh well.


    Photos/videos or it never happened

    While the Melbourne pair were more 'complete', in that there were two of them and they had those adorable mario/luigi plushies, this Sydney one looks a lot better by herself.

    I'm still pissed he went every where but Brisbane, and we are going to have a gaming convention next week.

    Who is this guy, and can someone give me actual in-game dialogue he's spoken, because I don't recall Mario ever speaking.

    "Itsa me Mario" doesn't count

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