(Voice Of) Mario Finds His Princess

charles martinet in storeCharles Martinet, the voice of Mario, poses with the cosplay winner at his appearance at Sydney's Myer store last week. As snapped by Kotaku reader Finlay.


    She looks amazing. However, I think the Peach and Daisy from the Melbourne event looked a little better, if only because there are two of them.


    haha I work there, got my stuff signed by him. There was a HOT Peach there that SHOULD have won but oh well.


    Photos/videos or it never happened

    While the Melbourne pair were more 'complete', in that there were two of them and they had those adorable mario/luigi plushies, this Sydney one looks a lot better by herself.

    I'm still pissed he went every where but Brisbane, and we are going to have a gaming convention next week.

    Who is this guy, and can someone give me actual in-game dialogue he's spoken, because I don't recall Mario ever speaking.

    "Itsa me Mario" doesn't count

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